Your Guide to Partial Privacy Fences

A new fence can be quite costly if you are on a budget. For example, a full privacy fence will typically cost in the thousands. A partial privacy fence is a great way to avoid that. Partial privacy fences are exactly what they sound like. Partial privacy fences could be any size, from one panel of a larger fence to gates surrounded by shrubs.

It can also be very trying to install a fence. This involves anchoring fence posts and digging a hole using a post-hole drill. A partial privacy fence is a good option if you want to do your installation.

We’ll be discussing the various options available for privacy fences. You might have some new ideas that you didn’t know about. We also know that partial fences work best in certain yards styles, so we will cover some ideas on which type of fence might work best in your yard.

Types of partial privacy fences

Partial privacy fences are very creative. These are the main types of partial privacy fencing:

Lattice design This privacy fence is available in panels but has a checkered pattern at the top or bottom. You can see through it. Some designs have only a few inches of the checkered pattern, while others dedicate more of the panel.

Shrubs and dividers: The innovative idea is to alternate between shrubs and larger privacy fencing panels. This gives a yard an artistic mix of materials appearance.

Sections small: A simple way to create privacy is to place one larger privacy panel where you need it most. You might find them next to outdoor cooking areas, thereby blocking out the view of neighbors. You might also find standalone fence panels that divide the lawn between condos. The style you choose will depend on your yard layout and privacy goals.

Open Slat: Another option is to create a fence with slats spaced one inch apart or less. Technically, you can see through the fence. However, privacy is still maintained.

Gates: Another option is to use a standalone gate. This common idea works well with shrubs and other evergreens to create privacy fencing.

The best privacy fences for your yard

You can use any privacy fence to create a particular yard look. These are some of the most popular yard themes and how partial privacy fences fit in.

Contemporary yards – Shrubs, dividers, and other decorative elements can be used in modern spaces to create an artistic or mixed-material feel. Partial privacy fences in small sections are also an option, as they provide a minimalist and stark feel.

Classic yards – This yard is for anything with a timeless appeal. This yard is best suited for either open slat or lattice partial privacy fences, which both have timeless designs that feel truly timeless.

Rustic yards – Rustic yards might benefit from an open slat layout that uses very textured wood. Shrubs or dividers can be used if privacy fence paneling has textured additions such as wood or wrought-iron accents. The shrubbery will give the yard a rustic, natural look.

Asian-inspired yards Sectioned fencing works well in Zen styles because they create a sense of stark minimalism. Bamboo patterns are also a good choice for fence panels.

Romantic yards – Lattice privacy fences add a romantic touch to your yard because of the classic diamond pattern on these panels.

Keep in mind that some cities have ordinances that limit the type and height of fences that can be installed. Before installing partial privacy fences, make sure you check the local laws.

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