Why Concrete Is A Fantastic Material Choice For Driveways?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that there are multiple benefits to using concrete as a building material – not only for residential but also for commercial spaces. Concrete as a material is highly durable, economical and resistant to water. Furthermore, there are various uses of concrete – from patios to building foundations to driveways and so on. 

Most people use cement and concrete interchangeably. But, the truth is – both are different. Cement is a powdery substance that’s used to create concrete, while concrete is a mixture of cement, water and aggregate (such as gravel, sand or recycled cement). When the aforementioned materials are mixed, the aggregate helps in creating a rock-solid material. Such is the reason why concrete is one of the most popular & toughest building materials across the globe. To help you learn more about concrete, we have curated some of its benefits that you should go through in this extensive guide. 

Merits Of Using Concrete For Building Driveways

  1. The Economical Standpoint

Compared to other types of construction materials, concrete has comparatively lower production costs than wood or steel. Moreover, concrete is readily available everywhere, which means that supply won’t be an issue anytime soon. 

  1. The Durability

It should be known that concrete can maintain its durability for a longer period than any other construction material. Sometimes, concrete can last a century or even more, especially if maintained properly. Thus, you can expect other building materials to degrade, but not concrete. 

  1. The Castability

When it comes to moulding concrete into different shapes & sizes, the possibilities are endless. From exposed aggregate concrete driveways to patios – concrete will always retain its size & shape – once moulded into its form. 

  1. The Maintenance

Talking about other building materials that need to be repainted, recoated or resealed every year, concrete is comparatively easier to maintain. If your concrete driveway chips or cracks, you can easily fill the imperfections using fresh concrete. Furthermore, you can reseal your concrete driveway every five years. 

  1. The Cost-Effectiveness

When you invest in concrete, your investment pays off every year. This is because the operating costs with concrete reduce in the long term. Thus, concrete driveways will provide you with better ROI (Return On Investment) in the long run. 

  1. The Insulation

In case you’re unaware, then you must that concrete has natural insulating properties. While you may not need insulation features for your concrete driveway, you may still this feature when using concrete for other building projects.

Thus, you can expect concrete to conserve energy inside your home. Reports suggest that concrete can save almost 25 per cent of energy bills, which can grow to be a large amount in the long run. 

  1. The Water Resistance

Concrete is the ideal material choice for areas where water exposure is high. Therefore, using concrete to create your driveways would turn out to be a magnificent choice since you don’t have to worry about your driveway getting damaged by water. 

  1. The Recyclability

One of the best features of concrete is that – it can be recycled endlessly. For instance, old concrete (in ground form) can be mixed with cement & water to form aggregate again. Thus, it can be easily concluded that concrete is a very eco-friendly material. 

To learn more about concrete driveways, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts. 


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