When Selling Your Home, Are Neutral Colors like Builder Beige Too Boring?

Black is the most fashionable colour every year. However, it’s common wisdom to use neutral colours such as builder beige and grey when you put your home up for sale. Some people, including myself, actually love these colours beyond resale. These neutral colour palettes are often criticized. Is builder-beige boring? Is grey too dark? How do real estate agents view these colour choices in putting your house on the market?

These colour palettes can change your mind about neutral colours. Here are some examples and advice from experts.

Today’s beige isn’t boring.

Maybe the problem with builder beige may be related to the past’s colour choices. Carole Marcotte, the chief designer at Carole Marcotte, says that today’s taupe-based beige has an exquisite quality of warmth and doesn’t have a yellowish tint. Form and Function in Raleigh, NC. She says WhiteTail by Sherwin-Williams provides a warm backdrop to almost any topic and is not boring.

Benjamin Moore’s Maritime White is a favourite of hers, especially in the foyer. It is beige-esque but has a beautiful reflective quality that allows artwork and other elements to stand out.

Marcotte also recommends Creamy by Sherwin-Will as an alternative to the traditional builder beige. It is a lighter, flesh-based white. It has the warmth and peachiness of a beige, but it is stronger in strong lighting.

Your home goes on the market.

Is the old builder’s beige saying still relevant when you sell your home? “Beige is a great colour choice for most rooms in a home when it’s up for sale – though I prefer white,” says Sandra Miller Engel & Volkers Santa Monica, CA principal broker and licensed associate

She says, “Regardless of what neutral colour you choose, subtle walls of color can help drive a faster sale.” Miller insists that it is important to be aware of the current trends in colour palettes. Miller says that these colours are any shade of grey and mossy green or blue. Potential homebuyers can feel more connected to a property if it has subtle colour. This will result in a quicker sale.

Gray or beige can serve a purpose.

John Manning is the managing broker at RE/MAX on Market Seattle, WA – Regardless of your feelings about builder beige or similar colours, you can find them everywhere. Manning states that these colours provide a neutral background, allowing potential buyers to imagine their furniture and design.

“Color preferences can be highly individualistic. One buyer might feel strongly about monochromatic gray, while another may want to use every jewel tone in the rainbow.” Manning said he wouldn’t recommend a homeowner to. Paint Their home beige to gain an advantage – and learn how to Paint bold colours with fewer coats. “But, if you have the option, Keep it up. He suggests that you use beige to dress up your home’s most important features with bright, interesting staging.”

Rick Gehrke Re/MAX Executives Boise, ID real estate agent, shared this sentiment. “Builder beige appeals to a wider range of buyers, and I believe it is the best choice for most people.”

He’s now noticing that trends can change. “Baby boomers still love muted colours, so beige is the safest option.” Gehrke claims that millennials prefer bold colours and statement walls. It is also important to consider the location. “I recommend beige in a suburban environment. But, if you live in an urban area, a pop color can make a big difference.”

Colour accents can make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Realtors are starting to notice a shift away from neutral colours like builder beige throughout their homes. Angela Williams, a Birmingham-based realtor, says that she had a listing where every room was different last spring: the living-room was crimson, and the kitchen was black-and-white. The four bedrooms were also different colours — green, brown, gold and brown. Extreme Agent Realty. She said she would suggest that the homeowner paint these colours over, but she resisted. Williams was shocked that this listing ended up being her most popular in a long period.

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