What’s The Difference Between Expensive And Cheap Furniture?

It can be difficult to decide whether you should spend your money on furniture or not. Which items should you save? What should you save on? Are the hours, if not days, spent searching for cheap furniture online worth it? Decor Aid interior designers shared their best tips for shopping for furniture online at a low price to help you learn the art of furniture shopping.

We’ll show you everything you need to know about furniture shopping, including cheap furniture websites and local vintage shops.

Our opinion on cheap furniture shopping and why it’s so different from buying more expensive items.

Take a look at the Finish

You can distinguish between good quality varnish and polish when you spot cheap furniture. Another indicator is the wood’s color.

Are all joints properly matched? Are all the joints in place? Cheap furniture is often not made with quality materials. It lacks craftsmanship and has a feel that will last for a few years.

Know your Materials

It will be much easier to determine the quality of your buying furniture if you know which materials are commonly used (think formica and particle board). Cheap furniture in ballarat also includes MDF, laminates and softwood.

These materials are great for bedrooms and smaller spaces, but be aware that they won’t be high quality.

Take a Test Drive

You can test drive furniture before you buy. You should test drive your furniture before you buy it. Look elsewhere if there is too much give or creaks.

Place your hands on a surface or table and open and close drawers. Next, move furniture around to ensure that they are easy to move. To ensure that shelves and units can withstand the pressure, you should also put weight on them.

You can weigh it up

You should know how heavy a piece furniture is before you even look at it. When you go to cheap furniture shops, you might be surprised at how much furniture is lighter or heavier than you expected. You might find that a lamp made of cast iron is not as high-quality as you thought.

However, it is not a good idea to buy unusually heavy items. A simple side table should not weigh more than a few pounds. It may be made from a dense and low-quality material if it does.

Handcrafted Furniture/Antiques

Consider antiques instead of cheap furniture. They are more durable than modern furniture, and they come at a lower price. Handcrafted furniture is a better option if vintage finds don’t appeal to you. Furniture makers are known for their attention to detail and creating amazing pieces.

Handcrafted furniture takes a lot of care. Cheap furniture outlets don’t realize the importance of buying handmade products that will be cherished for generations.

Plan and budget

You can plan and budget for furniture. Shop around to get an idea of the cost of quality furnishings. Once you know how much an average piece of furniture costs, you can create a budget.

You should consider whether you can afford to purchase something more costly or if you can find cheaper furniture. Once you have an idea about the cost, you can start looking for bargains to save money.

Do not miss out on the online world

It is easy to fall for online deals on art and furniture at a bargain price. However, you won’t know much about the quality of the product unless you are familiar with the brand.

It is always worth going to a store and seeing the product in person, especially if you talk about hundreds of dollars. If you cannot visit the item in person, ensure that you have a reasonable return policy. You can return it if it isn’t what you expected. Sign up for brand newsletters and sample sales in showrooms for amazing deals.

Be resourceful

You don’t need a budget right now, so save your money and get something cheap.

Avoid cheap furniture sites and look for online marketplaces that offer free furniture, such as Craigslist and Marketplace. Local people often give away furniture at a discount online.

Now that you can distinguish between high-quality furniture and cheap furniture, let’s take a look at which areas you can save money and which ones you should invest in.

Spend your money on…

It is a good rule to spend money where your time is most valuable. You should spend the most on furniture that you use most often. If you don’t plan to replace it within a year, you shouldn’t buy furniture at low prices.

The Sofa

Your living room’s most important piece of furniture is your sofa. It is where you spend the majority of your time. Cheap furniture sets can only cost more in the long-term. Sofas made of poor quality materials will sag, tear, stretch, and look worn out in a short time.

A sofa of higher quality will last longer. If you choose a classic style that is easy to re-upholster, it can be reupholstered quickly for room updates.

Your Bed

Comfort is essential as we spend about a third our time in our beds. Bad beds can cause pain and discomfort and affect your mood and comfort.

Make sure to spend wisely and invest in comfort. It is important to have bedroom furniture that you can trust.

Coffee and dining tables

Coffee tables and dining tables are used a lot daily, so it is important to avoid cheap furniture that can scratch or tarnish.

You’ll be able to get more out of your furniture if it’s of high quality.

You Can Save Money on…

You don’t have to buy expensive furniture. There are many great options to Ikea and other fast-decor outlets to help you save money.

Side tables and night stands

Online, you can find some great nightstands, consoles, and side tables.

Side tables and nightstands aren’t as frequently used as coffee tables, so they can be less durable.


As long as you choose wisely and shop around at cheap furniture stores, inexpensive lighting can be as beautiful as expensive ones. You don’t have to spend a lot on lighting fixtures if you have a tight budget. Instead, focus your efforts on the more important aspects of decor.

You can always paint pieces you don’t like from cheap furniture shops online to give them a custom cheap furniture makeover.


You don’t need to spend a lot to brighten up a space and give it a personal touch. You can find trinkets and accessories to decorate your home at thrift stores or online marketplaces.

There are other ways to add interest without spending a lot of money

We’ve already covered the best furniture to buy and some easy inexpensive ideas for furniture. Here are some smart additions to any room that will make it appear more expensive and luxurious.


Our interior designers recommend looking for affordable, yet beautiful hardware to update your modern furniture. To make cheap furniture look more expensive, you should look for hardware with sophisticated appeal. Regardless of how adorable or close to home they may be, avoid themed hardware.

Use what you have

Our decorators recommend that you take a quick look at your home, from one room to the next, before you start shopping for modern furniture.

When choosing between expensive and cheap furniture, the latter should always win. Quality, well-made furniture is what you want. Before you donate your Queen Anne dresser, consider where it might look great and make sense.

Art is your friend

You can give your home the appearance of expensive furniture by adding a little bit of glamour. For example, framed art and sculptures can add a sense of luxury and elegance to any room. You’ll also have more choices than with cheaper furniture, as there are so many art prints available at all price points. Bold prints are a great way to decorate your home, paired with interesting frame shapes and finishes.

Bring In New Lampshades

You can make cheap living room furniture look more expensive by switching out standard lampshades for ones with a richer feel. It takes just a simple black ribbon, to make any lampshade look more luxurious.

Pillows and Throws

It’s easy to find and change out pillows and throws as your tastes change. This is an excellent way to instantly elevate your cheap furniture ideas in every room of your home. They can also add personality and pattern to simple, but still functional, furniture.

These add-ons are great for cheap furniture ideas in the living room.

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