Top Tips for Adding Cabinets in the Bathroom

Your bathroom is small. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get everything you need in a small bathroom. Creative bathroom storage solutions can be a great way to save space where it is limited. Small bathroom spaces are often limited by furniture such as vanities, which can eat up valuable floor space and provide little storage. Instead, look at the walls and other unutilized surfaces. Mount hooks and rails, or put up shelves. Use corner towers, over-the toilet units, and behind-the door storage. Small bathrooms can also benefit from attractive toiletries and towels containers, such as baskets placed in a thoughtful manner. These small bathroom storage options are affordable and easy to make.

Bathroom cabinet used to be limited to medicine cabinets above the sink or sink vanities, with very little storage space. That’s changing.

Today’s small bathrooms are being designed to make the most of every square foot of space. You can purchase a vanity with deep drawers that slide underneath the sink with a little bit of ingenuity. Drawers make it easier to organize miscellaneous bathroom items like hair dryers or tissue boxes. Drawers make it easier for you to reach and see your stored items.

Pull-Out Drawers

You don’t have to purchase a new vanity or you don’t like the idea of rearranging plumbing, there are two options. One is to install a pull out drawer under your trap with shelves either side.

Oversized Medicine Cabinets

A larger medicine cabinet can be replaced with a smaller one to increase shelf space. In the past medicine cabinets were placed in the space between the studs on the wall behind the sink. This severely limited their storage capacity. Moderner cabinets hang on the wall and are generally larger. It is not unusual to find a cabinet three feet high.

These units can be heavy, especially if they have mirrored doors. To hang one, you may need to install blocking between the studs in the wall. This usually involves removing some wallboard. The cabinet can then be secured to the blocking.

Toilet Cabinets

A second strategy is to install an under-the-toilet cupboard in small bathrooms. This makes the most of space that would otherwise be wasted. These cabinets are usually only 8- to 9-inches in height. These cabinets are usually only 8- or 9-inches deep to provide adequate head space, but they’re great for small items. You can hang hand towels from some of these towel bars.

Tall Base Cabinets and Double-Width Vanities

Double-width vanities are very popular in large bathrooms. Base cabinets can be placed on either side of the vanity to provide storage and wall cabinets above. In these cases, the medicine cabinet can be removed and replaced by a lockable drawer.

Many bathrooms have tall cabinets and corner cabinets. These can also be used as linen closets. Make sure that your bathroom vent fan is working properly before you store linens. To keep humidity low, the vent fan should be turned on for five to ten minutes after baths or showers. You can also install a timer switch. There are many combinations of shelves, drawers and hampers in linen cabinets.


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