Tips & Tricks For Choosing The Best Kitchen Wall Tiles

The kitchen is the heart of your home because that’s where all the meals & memories take place. We often think about cabinets & accessories when beautifully decorating our kitchen. But, rarely do we think about what tiles we are going to use inside our kitchen walls. So, when you’re planning to purchase tiles for your kitchen walls, you need to take additional care by considering your kitchen décor. 

Therefore, to make your kitchen tile selection process easier, we have rounded up some of the most crucial factors that you must understand before you finally decide to choose the ideal kitchen wall tiles.

Suggestions For Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Wall Tiles

  1. The Durability

No doubt the kitchen is the busiest place in your home, which is why you need durable & strong wall tiles to last for a long time. According to a reliable company selling designer tiles in Melbourne, you need to choose kitchen tiles that are scratch-resistant and fade-resistant. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your tiles changing colours even after regular cleaning. 

  1. The Kitchen Layout & Style

When you’re designing the interior of your kitchen, you need to consider the overall style & layout of the same. For example, you need to decide whether you want a modern-looking kitchen or a contemporary styled kitchen. The style that you will choose will dictate the kind of kitchen wall tiles you should be selecting. Besides, you also need to consider the overall size of your kitchen space.

Pro Tip: Using the same tiles on your kitchen walls and floors will give your kitchen space a lot more spacious feeling. 

  1. The Shape & Size Of The Kitchen Tiles

When you’re choosing tiles for your kitchen, you need to select the ideal shape & size. For example, if you have a small-sized kitchen, then you have to install large-sized tiles to make the kitchen look spacious. Furthermore, larger tiles will require less grout, which can help in offering a smooth & consistent finish for your kitchen interiors. 

However, if you want your kitchen wall tiles to be small, then make sure that the tiles are properly laid out so that you can enjoy a flawless experience. 

  1. The Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to home interiors, cleaning & maintenance are the two most neglected procedures. Since the kitchen space is already a very crowded area, you should opt for tiles that are easy to clean & maintain over time. 

For instance, the kitchen backsplash tiles will be present behind your kitchen stove, which is why such tiles will be prone to grease & stains. Hence, it would make sense to simply choose wall tiles that are stain-resistant to make your cleaning procedure easier & effective. 

  1. The Budget

You can find kitchen tiles in different patterns, designs and textures. So, before you head out to buy your kitchen wall tiles, you need to first set your budget and then look for options around your specified budget. 

You need to set your budget according to your requirements. For instance, if you want specialised ceramic tiles, then your budget should be able to satisfy the purchase of such tiles. Moreover, remember to make a provision of at least five per cent for inflation. 

We sincerely hope that our suggestions will help you make a wise decision and for any additional queries, contact our tiling experts. 

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