Tips to Prepare Your Home for Professional Mold Removal

It is important to be careful with humidity-loving mold. There are many “miracle” sprays available that can be used to clean up small areas of mold. However, professional help is recommended for larger problems. While they will remove any mold spores from your area, do you know how to prepare? Here are seven tips to help you prepare for professional mould removal.

  • Refrain from cleaning the moldy surface. Mold can be identified by trained professionals and lab testing. Many of the identification clues can be found on the surface so it is easier to identify.
  • Request an air quality sample. Your air sample can help determine which strains of mold are responsible. For some people, inhaling mold spores can be dangerous. It is important to know what spores can be found in the air.
  • Do not move any items from the affected area. It’s better to leave the clock alone until professionals arrive. You can spread the spores by moving things around. This will lead to a larger problem.
  • Use hot water and detergent to clean contaminated clothing. Bleaching delicate items is an effective way to kill them. Use hot water with your regular laundry detergent instead. To prevent contamination, wash and dry the item.
  • You should find a place to keep your pets. It is not a good place to let your pet stay if it has been damaged by mold. There are many pet day-cares that will pamper your pets.
  • Photograph the outside and inside of your house. This is an important step. Professionals make mistakes from time to time. These photos will be used as documentation in the event of any damage during the removal process. While mold removal teams are respectful and careful, having pictures of the damage is a good safeguard.
  • Find another place for you and your family to sleep. It’s not safe to Fido. Stay in a nearby hotel to enjoy a mini vacation or visit family members you haven’t seen since the holidays.

It is smart to hire a professional such as us to manage the mold removal process. It is smart to be prepared for any eventualities.

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