These Exposed Pipes Are Too Beautiful to Be Hide

Although they have always been functional, we are now beginning to appreciate the beauty and strength that copper, brass and black steel pipes offer in design. Instead of hiding them, exposed pipes are now prominently featured in homes’ designs and can also be used in other applications. Here are some examples of how exposed pipes can bring beauty and function to your home.

Exposed pipes are a hot trend.

This is not the only trend. She says that today’s trend is not ‘less is more’. Instead of running multiple cables through one pipe, use one conduit pipe to carry them all. And create patterns with them. It looks very striking, bold, and graphic.

Beauty and strength

Copper pipe is often used in plumbing. Muncaster says that polished copper pipe looks great. It is a popular choice for kitchen decor and design. She says that it will take some time to remove the paint (especially at the back of the pipe closest to the wall), but if you have patience and masking tape, you’ll be able to make them look beautiful.

“A lot of pipes are set off by little plastic blocks. These are not cool. You can replace them with metal fixings. She suggests that you match your pipes with your fittings or pick contrasting fittings.

It would be best if you planned your exposure pipes use

You must plan your layout carefully. Muncaster states that the lines must be straight and evenly spaced. Any sloppiness in this will make it look bad and ruin the aesthetic. Muncaster warns against multiple pipes running in different directions as it can confuse the eyes.

Exposed pipes can be used in many ways.

Your proportions should align with the style you are trying to achieve. Muncaster states that choose thinner pipes if you are looking for something simple and elegant. If you prefer bold statements, opt for thicker fittings and pipes. Remember that copper can dull over time and develop a verdigris look. If you want your copper pipes to shine, clear lacquered or powder coated, the best option is to shine.

Muncaster believes that bare metal finishes are very popular, but you don’t need to be afraid of colour. She says that you can powder coat pipes in any colour you want. Muncaster warns that you should not attempt to install electrical wiring or plumbing without being qualified.

Exposed Pipe Faucets

Exposed pipes and fittings are also prominent in the latest bathroom design trends. Many manufacturers make shower and sink faucets that resemble fittings and pipes. These faucets can be used in various styles, including transitional, industrial, and farmhouse.

Too trendy?

Exposure pipes are cool. But how does this affect the resale price? According to Rick Gehrke, a real estate agent at RE/MAX Executives Boise ID, “They are definitely trendy in urban areas.” Lofts and townhouses with exposed pipes are a hot commodity in downtown areas. They give these homes an industrial vibe.

Gehrke claims that he doesn’t see these features in suburban areas and thinks they are better suited to urban areas.

Matt Van Winkle is the founder and CEO at RE/MAX Northwest. He agrees that exposed pipes can be trendy but doesn’t think they will become mainstream. A traditional approach to pipes might be more appealing to buyers just as neutral colours appeal.

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