These are the Top 10 Kitchen Trends That Will Rule 2023

The past year has lent itself to bold new design moments that began with happy hues, flirted with Art Deco, grappled with Barbiecore-meets-home-decor, brought back the mythical furry floor fad, and catapulted into new maximalism (viva la vita excessive!). The kitchen is the most popular space in 2023. Fluted cabinets and upholstered banquettes are on the rise. ), beveled anything, and statement stone backsplashes–all a refreshing departure from the white-on-white-on-beige look that set Instagram alight for an impressive number of years (RIP). We spoke to the top industry trend forecasters, who agreed that dining in this year will be just as extravagant as dining out. These are the top 10 trends in the kitchen design that will dominate our culinary spaces by 2023. Bo

After years of dull, uninteresting white-and-brass backgrounds that became depressingly zeitgeisty, we are entering a pent-up period of sobriety. An unrestrained indulgence in color is replacing this. The white kitchen is over! Robert Couturier, the designer, exclaims, “The white kitchen is finally over!” He matched the checked floor of the project to the red of a bird’s comb. Jonathan Adler, potter and designer, says the Insta-famous white kitchens are gone. Kitchens are now adorned in happy colors, bright prints, and a swaggering attitude. Think yellow lacquered Kitchen Cabinets with flamboyant Pendants and Geometric Mosaics.

Others, such as interior designer Hilary Matt believe that white Kitchens will be around forever but with colorful flourishes. She says that designers are becoming more inventive with adding personal flair to their designs, using alternate colors and pops in color for features such as panel-ready appliances, decor, and furniture. The latest colors du jours? The latest colors du jours? Caesarstone’s Lori Shapiro agrees. “We have seen yellow become a popular choice in kitchens recently,” Rasor said that he has also noticed a rise in matte black appliances, which offer a striking contrast to any color.

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