These are the 10 World Market Outdoor Products That You Need To Get Summer-Ready

It’s almost summer. It’s the perfect time to get your outdoor space ready for summer. We have you covered. We want you to have the best summer possible, so we offer summer lawn care tipshouse maintenance checklists and suggestions for outdoor entertaining. What if your outdoor spaces look tired despite all the information? Easy. You need to pick up a few World Market products for the outdoors.

These are the 10 World Market products that we love for this summer.

#1. Natural All-Weather Wicker Jasper Outdoor Accent Stool, Was $100, Now $80

Summer is here, and you will want to spend more time outdoors. This stool will help you make that happen. It’s as cute and practical as it looks. You can move it around to keep your drinks, provide extra seating, or kick your feet up.

#2: La Playa Rainbow Striped Picnic Tote Bag, $50

Summer means relaxation. This La Playa bag is the perfect companion for summer. Its vibrant colours make it a fun and playful addition for any Insta-worthy hangout. Plus, it can be washed easily when you’re done.

#3: Tilting Outdoor Umbrella – Was $170? Now $136

While the summer sun might seem inviting, it doesn’t mean that you should roast under it. This large umbrella will provide you with the shade you need for long outdoor days without getting sunburnt. We don’t know what else says summer about its thatched design.

#4: Jade Woven Triangle Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow, Was $35, Now $28

To make your backyard summer-ready, you don’t have to spend much money on new furniture. Our favourite World Market outdoor products can be thrown in your yard to raise it a notch. This pillow can be used indoors or outdoors. It’s stylish too. It is also eco-friendly. It is also made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

#5: Teakwood And All-Weather Hakui Outdoor Seating Collection Set of 2, $330-$900 Now $264-$720

You want to get your feet up this summer. But where exactly will you do it? These teak chairs are durable and comfortable, so they solve that problem. World Market offers both the ottomans and chairs in sets of 2, as no one wants to be left alone. The lumbar pillow comes with the chairs!

#6: Black And Ivory Zigzag Woven Indoor/Outdoor Lumbar Pillow, Was $30, Now $24

You might consider upgrading your pillows to be more striking. This pillow is a great choice with its striking contrast and zigzag design. This pillow is soft enough to be used indoors and durable enough to last outdoors. It is also conscious of its environmental impact, as do many World Market outdoor products. It is made of polyester from recycled plastic bottles.

#7: Pineapple Insulated Cooler Tub with Stand, 40

You need to be able to keep cool as the summer heats up. This cooler is perfect for travelling. You can use it to add colour to your backyard or take it with you on a trip to the beach or a local softball game. The compact size allows you to carry it easily over your shoulder and provides ease of use. The stand is designed to prevent you from reaching for items while standing. It also features an access door at its top that allows you to reach the cooler without opening it.

#8: Outdoor Planter from Sevilla Ceramics, $60-$100. Now $48-$80

This planter comes in various colours, including black, white, and orange. The planter’s sleek design and matte finish are striking. It also features solid acacia wood legs that elevate your gardening to a new level. World Market has a large and small planter available so that all your plants have a home.

#9: Napa Tritan tumblers Set of 4, $15, Now $13.50

Enjoying a refreshing drink outdoors is one of the greatest pleasures of summer. Broken glass is one of the greatest hassles of summer. World Market has an answer. These stylish acrylic tumblers allow you to replace the Solo cup with a more elegant beverage container without worrying about it breaking. These tumblers are BPA-free, scratch-resistant, and non-toxic.

#10: Praiano Outdoor Collection. It was $70-$400

Now $56-$280

While some of these World Market products may be able to help you improve your space, what if you are ready for a complete renovation? Look no further than the Praiano collection if this is you. The resort-inspired collection has everything you need, from benches, chaises and lounge chairs to storage tables. These plush cushions will keep you comfortable, while machine-washable ivory slipcovers will keep your yard looking fresh.

Is your yard summer-ready? These World Market outdoor products will make your yard ready for summer. These products will make entertaining easy for you.

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