The Texture Of Cabin Decor

One important factor in the design and decoration of a room is texture. (Whenever I say that in mixed company I always get odd looks, so I explain it fully.) What do I mean by texture? The addition or consideration of a room’s textures are both visual and sensual. The balance of framed prints or family photographs jutting out from a smooth wall – in the case of cabin decor this may be a birch bark or barnboard framed print – is a good example. Texture is also the fabrics used on furniture, cushions, blankets and seat covers. The texture you mix into a room adds visual interest as well as touch (I’m struggling to find the word tonight).

For those of us who love cabin decor, stone is a great option for adding texture to a room. That beautiful stone fireplace, marble countertops, slate entranceways, granite topped tables and so forth. If these larger decorating items are already in your space or cabin decor, it won’t take much effort to build around those elements and have the look you desire. While I’m on the topic of fireplaces, if you don’t have a fireplace in the room (and that snuggly heat lends itself real well to the aura of a cabin retreat), consider adding a wood burning stove or even one of those fake electric mantels just for ambiance. They both come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can generate as much heat as you desire. When I first moved to the north we heated a 2500 square foot lake house with cathedral ceilings through the worst winters with just one Franklin stove.

If you want the natural look of stone but you don’t want to add heat to the room or use fire as ambiance, consider adding a stone back splash on your kitchen wall, or natural slate tiles in the hallway. Even a large footed glass vase filled with river rocks will give you the texture that fits beautifully within cabin decor. For a little fun in your decorating project – and on the same texture theme, think of nature walks, hikes in the woods or natural elements just outside your front door. Natural fabrics on sofas and chairs (leather or a synthetic leather is very popular in cabin decor), twig lamps, antler chandeliers or candle holders or some farmhouse antiques and western-wear fit in and make the room fun as well as cohesive with your theme.

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