The Biggest Pinterest Home Trends of 2022

Pinterest users have been busy pining and repinning their design inspiration photos, memes and recipes. We have the scoop on the Pinterest year-end report, which breaks down the data about which Pinterest home trends are growing and are expected to explode by 2022.

Indoor microgreens

Searches for indoor microgreens: +223%

A small garden can be used to grow your herbs and produce fresh vegetables at home. A window box or an indoor garden can be created. These are ideal for apartments and small spaces. Imagine how proud you will feel when you eat the produce and herbs you grew!

Garden room

Searches for garden room: +104%

Garden rooms are a great way to keep you from the outside world while maintaining a green theme. These rooms offer the best of both worlds: they bring you lush beauty and protect you from germs and people. This space will require a bistro set and some plants.

Indoor water fountains

Searches indoor water fountains: +917%

An indoor water fountain will enhance your garden and bring the soothing sounds of bubbling water inside. These water features are great for relaxing areas and can be placed anywhere.

Home theatres

Home theatre search: +368%

You likely spend most of your time at home these days. This is why it’s important to set up your home to meet your needs. A home theatre can be built in any existing entertainment space, or you can add high-tech technology to your living room, such as surround sound and movie theatre-style seating.

Audio rooms

Audio rooms search: +803%

An audio room, which is different from a home theatre, gives you the best listening experience. An excellent speaker system will ensure you have everything you need to connect your devices in your audio room. You can play sound from any device, including your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Homebrewing Search: +411%

Get a homebrewing kit, and start brewing. You don’t need to go to bars and pubs as often, so you can buy your beer in bulk from the store. You can either make your beer at home or buy it ready-to-go from a store. After you have mastered the art of brewing a brew, your friends will be impressed when you lockdown lifts using what you have learned at home.

Granny pods

Searches for granny pods: +159%

grannyPod is the perfect solution if you are looking for a place to keep grandma, grandpa, Aunt Jenny, or Uncle Stephen. They are separate spaces for guests to use; these “pods” look similar to the sheds. Some granny pods can be larger than others, but it’s worth noting that this project might prove to be too difficult if you want to make a granny house. If you prefer the smaller option, these kits can be purchased online or in local home improvement shops.

Coffee stations

Searches to find coffee stations: +751%

We bet you’ve seen coffee stations everywhere on Instagram in recent months. Coffee stations are a popular trend, especially with many people making coffee at home. You don’t need to make them elaborate. A small space in your kitchen can be enough to hold some essentials and be visually appealing.


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