The Best DIY Home Decor Ideas: Bedroom, Living Room and Baby’s Room

The heart is at home. Nothing is better than creating a place of peace where you can enjoy some “me time” and create the most treasured family memories.

It is a time of social isolation and self-distress where everyone is expected to spend most of their time at home. Refreshing the atmosphere around you can be good for your mind and soul. These are some simple home decor additions that will transform your home.

You don’t need to do a huge interior design project to give your home a makeover. Depending on your budget, time, and motivation, you can choose from these easy, quick and inexpensive DIY art and craft home decor ideas.

How to decorate your living space with Wall hanging crafts

Let’s begin with the living area where we spend most of our family time. You don’t need to be a professional to decorate this space with simple items.

Let’s get started with some DIY home decor.

Are you accumulating a pile of toilet paper rolls, old clothes, cartons and mason jars in your home? You can start by removing all the clutter from your home.

You can recycle these scraps to make eco-friendly and affordable home decor.

How can you transform old scraps of fabric into living room decor?

You can easily make organizers from metal tins and toilet rolls. You can transform old boxes into beautiful baskets with a little glue or twine. You can also make charming little lanterns from your metal tins with just a nail and some hammer.

Photo Frames

Frames are a great way to add personality and character to empty tables and walls in your living area. You can frame almost anything you like!

You can create an art gallery from vintage posters or motivating quotes or add color to your living room with colorful canvas art.

Photo Calendars

You can also use photo prints to make DIY home decor by personalizing your boring home calendar.

This is a great way to be creative and create a DIY desktop calendar. You will need a few mini photos and some patterned paper prints.

You can always order a printed personalized photo calendar if you don’t feel confident enough to create a handmade calendar.

Please take a look at our customizable calendar templates to get started on your photo album.

Ideas for bedroom decorating.

Do you not love the feeling of being alone at the end? You can transform your bedroom into something truly special with a few simple design ideas.

Decorate your head

Your headboard space is the star of your bedroom. It can be the difference between a happy and a sad room. A beautiful piece of fabric or a hand-painted canvas can be attached to the Wall.

You can also find a free piece of art online and have it printed on canvas.

Handmade decorative items for the bedroom

We have affordable small bedroom decorating ideas if you’re in search of them! These are some simple DIY bedroom decor ideas.

Are you looking for a way to use an old glass bottle or mason jar? You can make a lantern for your bedside table by adding color and lighting a few lights. If you’re more into flowers, you can also make handmade vases from them!

Photo collage

A photo collage might seem cliché when it comes to home decor. But this simple bedroom wall design idea using twine, photo prints and lights is charming.

DIY wooden crate craft ideas

Make adorable nursery organizers out of old wooden crates by transforming them.

It will be just as adorable as your baby, and you won’t have to worry about books or toys getting in the way.

Easy DIY wall decor ideas that aren’t too artistic.

Are you not keen to tackle complex DIY projects like cutting canvas and making bohemian macrame tapestries? No worries! These are two easy DIY crafts ideas.

Are you able to find extra yarn and popsicle sticks? You probably haven’t if you aren’t an avid upcycle. These items can be purchased at your local store for a very affordable price, so you have many options. These will brighten up your home decor and art projects.

Check out the collections.

We all have many collections, ranging from beautiful fabric bits and wedding china to curiosities and travel postcards. What if they were taken out of their attics and put on shelves?

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