Six Ways to Make Temporary Living Space Feel like Home

Anyone who has ever moved or built a home knows that it is not an easy process. While you may hear of the perfect homeowner, most people find moving difficult and often messy. Sometimes there might be a delay between the sale of an older home and when the new one is ready. A temporary living arrangement might be your only option in these cases. It doesn’t matter if you are moving in with your family or signing a short-term rental agreement. It can be difficult to make a temporary living situation feel like home. It cannot be easy to feel at home if you don’t stay for long. You don’t have to feel like a guest for the long term. These genius tips will make any place feel like home.

Utilize Removable Decor

Ok, so you won’t be painting the walls or refinishing the floors. You don’t have to accept the temporary decor of the living space. You can add your style to a space by adding a few pieces. A large corkboard is a great way to make a space feel homier. Add photos, memorabilia, and cute decor items to your permanent space. You’ll feel like you have some home when you decorate the corkboard and position it prominently.

Modify Your Clothes

Temporary living spaces can make it feel like you’re in a hotel room. It’s worse to live in a messy suitcase or search through boxes for your favourite shirt than it is to be organized. Although you may not want to put all your clothes in a temporary closet or move them all around, you can make your day easier by organizing your clothes. Think about the season and what you are most fond of. Next, pick a few clothes and accessories that you will wear for a week and then put them in storage. Although it might not be ideal, having fewer clothes can help you settle in. Hang a few clothes up and organize your clothes neatly. There are no moving box wrinkles!

Choose Three Appliances

Some temporary living spaces have appliances, while others don’t. You can save yourself by keeping your temporary kitchen to just three or four of your favourite appliances. You can choose your most-used kitchen appliances and limit the amount of stuff you have to move. You might feel more at home with a few small appliances that you are familiar with to make your temporary space feel more comfortable. Although you might be able to live without your blender or adapt to using another’s, your morning cup of coffee should always be brought along. You won’t be without your favourite cup of coffee, no matter how long it takes.

Temporary Furniture

Furniture is difficult to move — ask anyone who has scratched their beloved armoire. Temporary furniture is not the best option. You can find temporary furniture online that you like, and you will find many temporary living spaces furnished. It would be best if you had a nightstand. For cheap alternatives, check Craigslist and Freecycle. When it comes time to move into your permanent home, you can easily pass the items on to another person without worrying about scratching or denting. You can keep your most treasured items safe in storage and move them directly into your new home.

Make Decor Workable

You don’t need to make a temporary living space boring. However, it would help if you thought about how it will look and what its purpose is. Do not add extra effort by moving decorative items you will have to get rid of again. Choose decor pieces that can be used in other ways. For example, a fruit bowl adds colour and keeps healthy options in the forefront. A small basket placed by the front door can personalize a space and help you organize keys in unfamiliar spaces. A low chest can double as a coffee table or a storage area for your stuff. You should ensure that the decor you bring in is more than a pretty piece of furniture.

Personalize your Space

Although your temporary living space may not feel like home, it doesn’t have to be like it. Even if you are staying with family or friends, don’t feel guilty about adding some everyday items to make it homier. While it is fine to add photos, you don’t have to. You can also add temporary items. Textiles like throw pillows or cozy blankets can add personality and texture to your home. You can also use an old candle from your home. You will feel more at home in the space, and it will help you weather the transition between permanent and temporary.

Although temporary living spaces are not ideal, it is important to remember that they are temporary. It won’t last forever, even if it’s not perfect. You can make your space feel like home no matter where it is.

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