Simple Dorm Decorating Ideas

It’s exciting to move to college and start a new life away home. It’s also a time when you can make your home your own. You have the freedom to decorate your dorm with photos, string lights, and other decor ideas. These dorm room decorating tips will help you get creative and inspire you if your walls are blank. After you have created your decorating plan, add personal dorm rooms decor such as wall art, photomugs, blankets, and other decorations.

DIY Ideas

DIY is the best way to express your creativity and be creative. There are many options for decorating your dorm rooms, including hanging branches and creative cork coasters that can be used as wall ornaments.

Photos of Hanging Branch

These DIY photo hangers are great for dorm rooms and they cost almost nothing. These branches can be found right outside your home. Keep an open mind and be open to all possibilities.

Creative Wall Hanging

You can print your favorite photos, and then display them using a simple DIY project that doesn’t require drilling into the wall. Hang any graduation announcements for best friends, birthday cards, or Christmas cards you receive from loved ones.

Coaster Fun

These small coasters can be transformed into miniature boards that you can pin at a low cost. Hang your photos, quotes, and keys.

Simple String Art

String art looks great on your dorm rooms wall and is easy to make. For a modern look, decorate with cute little succulents.

Vinyl Clock

This DIY wall clock is perfect for those who love old vinyl records. You can find a record at local flea markets and thrift shops if you don’t have one.

Washi Tape Door

All dorm rooms have the same doors. Use washi tape to make yours stand out. Use colorful words or bold metallics and prints to make yours stand out. This is not only easy to make, but it’s also very easy to take down.

Washi Tape Photo Frames

To hang photos that double up as frames, you can use washi tape or small clothes pins. You can mix and match colors with posters, signs and photos you like.

Bedroom Ideas

A bed is essential for restful sleep in small and large places, whether they are big or small. These are some easy bed ideas for your dorm.

Bunk bed

A smart way to make your space more comfortable is to add a couch under your bed. You can add fun pillows to match your decor. To add an extra touch to your dorm space, you can mix and match your personalized pillow.

City Pride

A large, colorful urban print on your bed will show pride in the place you’ve lived. For a more lively feel, you can print it in color.

Fun Layers

Layer your favourite blankets, fleeces, and fuzzy pillows to keep it cozy. This look can be maintained throughout the year by changing out heavy blankets to soft linen sheets or pillows. To add personality to your bed spread, you can consider personal fleece blankets.

Fancy Bed Frame

You can get rid of the traditional dorm bed by getting a fancy frame for your bed. You don’t need to spend a lot to feel luxurious, but you can find vintage shops and sales.

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