Rustic Western Style Home Decor

This is a great choice to make! This is a timeless and rustic style of home decorating. This style is also known as pioneer, log cabin, ranch, western or mountain style decorating. No matter what you call it, this type of style is based upon the use of natural materials such as logs and woods, twigs, animal hides and antlers, rocks, metals, etc. To begin with you will want to figure out how you can add these natural materials to your home.

Western style furniture is usually rugged large heavy type furniture, but simple in design. There is a lot of use of bare wood. Very often in this style you will see rustic log beds, and other log furniture. Fabrics are often Native American prints, Cowboy prints, or cabin style-kinds of prints, including use of moose, bear, elk, etc in the prints. If these are not your usual preference, consider a rough or natural hair on finish leather, denim, suede, or weaves.

Colors should be mostly earthtones, such as rich browns, dark greens, dark reds, golds, etc. Some additional colors might include slate gray, wrought iron black, deep dark blues or lighter creams and yellows. You’ll want to add such items as knickknacks, old bottles, kitchen tools, quilts, blankets, wall hangings, pillows, antiques etc. This decor would integrate cowboys, saddles, horses, Native American crafts, wild animals and antlers found in forests and mountains, trout and streams, wildflowers, etc.

Old time items will go well with the look. You should look for bright and bold-colored quilts, old saddle blankets, barrels, weathered farm tools, Native American tools, feeding troughs, ropes and so on. Use old horseshoes as candle holders or clothes hooks on your wall or as bookends. Take bandanas, animal hides, etc and make them into pillows, quilt squares, or even lampshade covers. Rawhide is often used for rustic lamp shades and lamps are also commonly made from logs and or antlers. Decorate with old Mason jars and canning items by scattering them around on your side tables, bookcases, or fireplace mantel.

A rustic, western style, or log cabin home should usually have a natural floor… preferably made from hardwoods or recycled plank flooring. But they could also be made from tile or flagstone. Western-style area rugs are also a nice look and will help to keep the tootsies warm. Rustic lighting is a perfect complement and will go well with your new style of decorating. Old lamps made with cowboy or ranch prints are great, but you can use almost any lamps made from wood, metal, antlers and or rawhide. Lampshades made of stretched rawhide will really add to that ranch feel.

Other decorative details might include Native American beading, fringe, twig accents, metal drawer pulls and doorknobs, and anything made from logs. Many items made from animal antlers are popular such as lamps, chandeliers, coat hooks, drawer pulls, etc. Pottery and stoneware will add to the rough look. Obviously there are a number of ways you can add this look to your home or business. Whether you are just adding a little touch, or decorating a rustic log cabin. The use of natural logs, metal, animal hides, antlers, etc will give a warm, rich look in the rustic, cowboy, or mountain style you are looking for.

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