Roof Waterproofing Can Help Cool Your Home

India has been categorized as a hot tropical country due to its constant rise in temperature over the past two decades. The country’s northern regions are subject to a hot climate. The direct sun’s rays can cause unbearable heat, not only for people but also for buildings. Roofs and terraces are exposed buildings that receive the UV rays directly. Constant heat can lead to erosion, bleaching, flaking, and deterioration of the structure.

Rising temperatures affect not only ecosystems but also homes. Roofs are damaged and weakened by constant exposure to the sun. A terrace or roof surface that is weak and eroded can lead to cracks. This will allow water to seep through during monsoon rains. Water seepage through cracks can also be a problem as it can ruin the beauty of your home. Homeowners must protect their roofs and terraces from heat exposure.

What cool roof paints are there?

Cool roof paint comes in white. These paints are made with chemicals that provide thermal insulation and waterproofing. Cool roof paint is proven to reduce your home’s temperature by 5-7 degrees Celsius. Cool roof paints have a lifespan of six to seven years and are designed to resist the ultraviolet and infrared radiations of the sun. This keeps the home below cool.

What would it cost?

You would need one liter of paint per 100 square feet. If you consider the cost of cool roof paints from leading manufacturers and the labor cost, an average 2BHK apartment will cost between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000 to be painted. Price variations can be caused by the differences in the paint brand and the labor cost depending on where you live. You could also ask the dealer or paint company for the labor skilled in using the paint.


Residents will need to find suitable solutions to cool down in hot weather if temperatures rise. While cooling methods like fans, air conditioners and coolers are great for the interior, it is important to cool the outside of your home to maintain the temperature.

Waterproofing/Weatherproofing helps in keeping roofs and terraces intact. You can cool your home by changing windows, shading or improving insulation. These methods of heat reduction can be very costly and not reliable in the long term. Roof waterproofing, which Asian Paints’ SmartCare waterproofing solutions make possible, is a cost-effective and long-term solution to heatproof your home.


SmartCare products are superior to other products on the market regarding product innovation and waterproofing.

Asian Paints’ waterproofing products Damp Proof Ultra and Damp Proof Ultra have an advanced heat reduction formula that cools the surface up to 12* degrees celsius. Reflecting heat away from the building helps cool down the structure’s surface and reduce its overall temperature.


Asian Paints products have many advantages and have been proven superior to other comparable products on the market.

Damp Proof Ultra and Damp Proof Ultra by Asian Paints offer these advantages:

  • Highest heat-reflecting technology for peak summers.
  • Reduces surface heat up to 12 degrees celsius
  • Cools down the overall temperature of a building.
  • Water seepage protection.
  • It serves two purposes: heat reduction and waterproofing.


Roof waterproofing terrace waterproofing is an essential maintenance activity for homes. It protects the structure from extreme weather conditions and helps maintain the building structure’s integrity.

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