Picture Frame Gallery Photo Wall Ideas for Beginners

A gallery photo wall can add personality, style and colour to a wall which would otherwise be plain. Picture wall collages have become more popular as a way to display family photos, travel photos, nature images, and inspirational quotes. It can be tricky to know how to place the frames in order to create an appealing collage.

What is a Gallery Photo Wall?

A gallery wall is much more than a display of photos. This is a great way to create a visual narrative that reflects you and your interests. This trend is gaining popularity because it transforms blank walls into engaging, dynamic spaces. You can create a unique focal point for any room by carefully choosing and arranging photographs, artwork and other mementos.

A gallery photo wall is beautiful because of its versatility. The end result will be stunning, whether you choose a symmetrical layout or an eclectic mix. A well-executed photo gallery wall can captivate viewers by its storytelling potential and add a personal touch to any room.

The gallery photo wall is also referred to and described in many ways. It could also be called a Photo Wall Gallery or a Gallery Display Wall. The concept can also be called a “Salon Style Hang”, or “Salon Hang”, however, they all refer to the same thing, which is a curated selection of framed photographs and artworks that are hung on a wall.

We will demonstrate some popular and simple ways to display frames on a wall.

Create Your Gallery Photo Wall: First Steps

Before hanging frames, you should plan your layout and arrange the photo frames.

Google is a good place to start when looking for inspiration or ideas.

You can also use our infographic for some salon and photo wall inspiration.

Pinterest is another way to find inspiration. To give you some inspiration, we have created a Frame Wall Display Board on our Pinterest account. Keep scrolling to find simple ways to create a photo collage using frames.

First Tips on Designing Your Photo Wall Display

Before we get started, you’ll want to consider colour harmony, the size of your artwork, and the distance between frames.

Choose photos or artwork that matches the colour scheme of your space or home.

Find frames that fill between 60% and 70% of the space available.

Consider leaving a gap of around 5cm between each frame.

Pictures Frame Gallery Walls

1. Rule of Three

A trio of framed art pieces can appear more natural and striking than two framed pieces. If you are only using two or more picture frames, use the same colour, style and tone. This is where larger photo frames come in handy. They don’t all have to be of the same size. Try to arrange the three frames in a symmetrical manner for a more pleasing and beautiful result.

The image below shows three of our Coastal & Beach Decorator art prints in a Decorator Oak Poster frame.

2. A Neat Grid

We recommend that you keep the picture frames at the same size and arrange them close together in a symmetrical manner to create a larger geometrical shape, such as a square or rectangle. All the frames in the collage picture should be able to read as a single large artwork.

This example shows our Decorator Deluxe White Picture Frame. You can create a square frame by adding an additional row of frames. This is similar to our Deluxe Gallery Photo Wall Set G.

3. Synchronised Bottom line

Create interest with this type of photo arrangement by aligning the photo frames at the bottom. You can then build an alternative layout. The layout will be balanced even if the photo collage is not symmetrical.

This example uses six frames from both our Elegant Deluxe Black Collection as well as our Collage Frames Collection. These solid wooden frames are made in Australia from the highest quality eco-sustainable materials.

4. The Asymmetrical Layout

This type of wall collage can be created by using a collection of photo frames of varying sizes. Avoid putting frames of the same size together when arranging. Keep the larger frames towards the center and the smaller ones at the edge. Use different shades and colours for your photo frames. You can mix metal frames with natural timber frames to create a pleasing aesthetic.

This example uses the Asymmetrical Gallery Photo Wall Frame Set, which includes ten frames of the Elegant Deluxe Stone Ash Collection. These solid wood picture frames are made in Australia from the highest quality eco-sustainable materials.

5. Special Theme

One way to inject personality into a space is by displaying a memorable event. You will choose a theme such as a family vacation or wedding and then frame photos of the event. Try to avoid adding other pictures to the space. The goal is for people to understand what is going on in that room instantly.

The image below, for example, shows a variety of wedding photos using only two sizes of frames from the Elegant Deluxe Polar Birch Collection. The frames are repeated to create a pleasing pattern, creating a Gallery Photo Wall.

6. Staircase Gallery

This simple tip will help you build a staircase gallery without any hassle. Imagine a straight line parallel to the angle on your stairs when arranging photos. Arrange the frames so the corners touch the line. You will then have an invisible line running through the middle of your staircase gallery.

This image shows a simple stair gallery created from 6 frames of the Elegant Deluxe White Collection.

7. Centered Symmetrical Layout

For this layout, it is best to place a large photo frame in the middle and smaller frames all around it. It is important that both sides of the central piece are mirrored. You will then have a gallery that is both balanced and has a focal piece.

As an example, in the image below there are two large frames in the centre and three smaller ones on either side creating a symmetrical layout. The gallery wall shown in the image below features 8 frames from Elegant Deluxe Stone Ash Collection.

8. Windmill Gallery

Four rectangle photo frames are the easiest way to create a gallery wall with windmills. Place the frames so that their corners are all facing each other, and alternate between landscape and portrait orientation. Use the photo below to show the Elegant Deluxe White Picture Frames.

How to Hang Your Gallery Wall Photo Display

A gallery photo wall can add personality and style into your living area. This is a great way to display your favorite photos, artwork and decorative items.

You will therefore want to know the best way to display your photos on a wall. We’ve put together a blog to guide you step-by-step through the process of mounting a gallery photo display:

  • How to hang a gallery photo wall like an expert

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