Maintain Your Yard For Optimal Foundation Health

Your yard is a major factor in protecting your home’s foundation. If you have problems, you can ask for help to redo your landscaping. When building a house, homeowners can also start with good landscaping. Planting trees 15 feet apart and selecting plants that are compatible with your soil is the best way to do this. The soil stays healthy with proper drainage and watering. Always let the water run away from your house. Standing water is a sign of a problem. Your foundation can remain healthy for years with the right landscaping and regular watering.


The trees in a neighborhood make it look inviting and cozy. Trees also filter out airborne toxins. It is possible to have beautiful trees without damaging your foundation. Find trees that are the right size for your property. Plant trees 15 feet away from your house if you want to avoid trees with roots that grow further. If the tree species grows very large, consider planting it further away from your home. You may see cracks in your floors or walls if the roots of the tree disturb the soil beneath your house. The problem can be resolved by a professional foundation contractor in Huntsville, AL.

Choose the Right Plants

Landscapes with flower beds can add style and color. Some plants, depending on where you live, can be disruptive to the soil. Professional landscapers can help you select plants and flowers which work best in your soil. Native plants can also be healthier and grow better. Over time, the soil beneath your home will move. This movement is inevitable, but some plants and trees can cause damage.

Check the Slope

A sloped yard will protect your home. Look to see if the water drains from your house when it rains. You may need to repair the slope if you see standing water. Standing water may also be a sign of an underlying foundation issue. If your gutters become clogged, extra water may also be found near your house. Regularly clean the drains to allow water to flow freely.

Maintain the Moisture

Water your lawn properly. If the yard is too dry or wet, foundation problems may occur. Some plants need little water, while others require moist soil. Install a sprinkler or a watering schedule if your plants require a lot of water. Adjust your watering schedule during rainy seasons.

You may need foundation help if you notice that your house is cracking, your doors are sticking, or you have standing water. It may be necessary to change your landscaping so that it is compatible with your foundation. You can avoid large foundation problems by paying attention to the small changes you make in your yard and home. Planting trees and plants around a newly built house will not cause the foundation to be severely affected. With quality landscaping and regular yard maintenance, homeowners can control the health of their foundation.

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