Ideas for Small Kitchen Decorating to Make Your Space Feel Larger

In the case of kitchens, bigger is not always better. A small kitchen is more efficient than a large one. You don’t need to have a large kitchen. Small kitchens can be as efficient and well-designed. Here are some small kitchen design ideas.

Here are some small kitchen design ideas to address the issues. Three of the most common complaints about small kitchens are clutter, lack, and darkness.


Lack of storage can lead to clutter. Sometimes, adding more storage is not the answer. Rather, simplifying and decluttering your home is. Take a look at your drawers and cabinets, especially the back. Donate or toss any items that haven’t been used in a while. You might be able to decide if you need an egg slicer or a cherry-pitting instrument. Clear the cabinets and then store any items that create visual clutter.

No Counter Space

Although you have reclaimed some counter space, do you still feel it isn’t enough? This is a common problem. There are many ways to maximize counter space in a small kitchen. One example is turning your sink into a cutting board (pictured above).

A Dark Kitchen

Dark rooms seem smaller, so brighten your walls with a new coat of paint in light colours. You can add lighting to your dark cabinets if you like them. To brighten your work area and highlight your cabinets, you can use under-cabinet lighting. Good lighting can make it look larger no matter what colour your kitchen is. These lighting ideas will help you make your kitchen look bigger.

  • To illuminate counter space, add LED strip lights to shelves or under cabinets. Peel, stick and plug it in.
  • You can replace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient models.
  • To add depth to your room’s lighting, choose pendant lights that can clip onto the existing track-lighting system.
  • Replacing old light fixtures.
  • Consider adding a mirror to your kitchen wall or a mirrored backsplash to reflect the light.
  • Brighten the walls: You can easily remodel your kitchen by painting your walls light greens, pale yellows, or blues. Make sure that the cabinets, doors and walls are all one colour. Consistency in colour can make a room appear larger than it is. However, abrupt changes can fool our eyes into believing the room is smaller.

These small-kitchen decorating tips are simple to implement

  • Pot Racks
  • Wall Storage
  • Hideaway Furniture
  • MoreCounter Space
  • Additional Shelving

Pot racks

Even though small kitchens may not have enough space for rectangular pot racks in the traditional sense, there are solutions for those with smaller spaces. Pot racks do not have to be hung from the ceiling. Some can be mounted on the wall, such as those shown above.

Wall storage for cooking tools

Take inspiration from the busy kitchens of some of the most renowned restaurants, which employ industrial wall hardware and racks to store utensils. Here are some ideas to store tools and utensils on the wall.

  • Hang racks to hold utensils. Simple bars with hooks can be used to hold tools that have a loop or hole. To hold smaller items, baskets can be hung from the rack.
  • Use a pegboard to hang your tools. You can organize the items by colour or by use.
  • Wall magnets can be used to store knives or spice jars.

Hideaway Furniture

To maximize the use of your small kitchen’s functionality, you can try a creative approach. You can create multifunctional spaces with functional furniture that can be stored away. Here are some ideas:

  • Bar stools with a backless design that you can store away.
  • Kitchen tables and cabinets that roll out.
  • Drop-down wall-mounted cutting boards or tables.

MoreCounter Space

A minimalist kitchen countertop is essential to creating a modern kitchen space. This will look modern and increase your counter space, making it easier for you to prepare and cook. First, remove all countertops and small appliances. Other ideas to increase counter space are:

  • Ceramic cooktop with a low profile. Modern electric cooktops look sleek and modern. These cooktops are almost flush with the counters so that you can place a cutting board or other items on them when not in use.
  • A cover for your cooktop. A cover can be purchased for a gas range so that you can work safely on the stove. You can also get covers made from wood or butcher block.
  • You can also use a rolling butcher block or cart to add additional counter space. You can either buy one with wheels or make your own. Add a few simple stools to your rolling butcher block for a quick breakfast bar.

Additional shelving

You can add shelves to your home. A row of narrow shelves can be added to a kitchen island for cookbooks. You can also look for other places, such as corners or under the counter. We hope you find this post inspiring to remodel your small kitchen. Which small kitchen design idea do you like?


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