How To Style Black Island Lights In Your Kitchen

Over the kitchen island, pendant lights are a common fixture in homes. Black is the most common color for these types of lighting, so it’s not surprising that many people choose to hang them in their kitchen.

However, not all black pendant lighting will look good in your kitchen. There are many options, but which one is right for you? What is the best way to style the rest of the kitchen? What is the exact position of your lights?

Which Colors in the Kitchen Go Well With Black Island Fixtures

Black is a very versatile color. You’ll see pendants in black hanging from modern kitchens. Black and white will be used heavily in this style.

But that doesn’t mean adding color is a bad idea! Many people are stuck on black and gray and fail to bring life to their kitchen. Paint one of your accent wall a vibrant color to make it stand out.

Black pendants are another way to bring color into your kitchen. Even something as simple as a bowl of multicolor fruit can bring life to the room. You can also add a tall floral item to the center of your island if you space them far enough apart. Consider placing several succulents on your windowsill if you have the space. Modern kitchens do not have to be boring and sterile!

How much space should you leave between kitchen island pendants?

You can help them by spacing them out about two feet. Measure not the edges but the centers of each fixture. You will have a great, even lighting over your island. This makes it easier to do household chores and prepare food.

How high should I hang black island pendant lighting?

The fixtures should be placed at a height of 30 to 36 inches above the countertop. You will have plenty of room to move while the fixtures are still close enough to illuminate the island.

Don’t worry about the exact length. Most Black Island Lights that you purchase today will have a hanging system with adjustable length. Make sure the length of the light is sufficient to reach this height. This information should be available on the product pages of any major lighting retailer.

Professional installers should be able to set things up at the height you desire. It is very common to place pendants in this way, so the installer should be well-versed.

Which type of black pendant is best for use in the kitchen?

If you are looking for lights that will not only be decorative, then pendants, domes or bells should suffice. All of these lights will provide you with a focused, directed light that is directed downwards. This should be enough to illuminate your task.

You should be able to find many pendants in these shapes. You can narrow down your search by shape at most lighting retailers, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Your black kitchen island pendants can be a treasured part of your home for years to come if you plan and search carefully. Take your measurements and carefully study the product pages.

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