How To Paint A Metal Roof The Right Way

Plan For A Dry Day In Advance.

Painting your home outside on a wet day is not a good idea because the water can wash off the paint. Plan ahead and check the weather forecast to ensure a dry day for painting. The ideal time frame is 10 days to allow the paint to cure completely before any rain or snow. Start painting as early as possible in order to allow the paint time to dry in the sunlight.

Remove Old Paint

Then, use a scraper and carefully remove the old paint to allow your roof to be primed evenly. If you skip this step, your paint will be lumpy and peel. If the roof has already started to peel, it can be difficult to remove all the loose paint. The old paint will continue peeling once the new paint has been applied. This will cause bubbles under the new surface.

How To Get Rid Of Rust Spots

Your roof might have rust spots due to its exposure to different weather conditions. By vigorously scraping the rust and mold, you can remove them with a wire brush. After this step, you can wash the area in soapy water. Let it dry. You may need to repair the area before painting if the rust patches have penetrated the original roof.

Roof Power Washing

It is a good rule to never paint over a dirty roof. Power wash it first to remove any dust, mildew, or sand particles. Hiring a professional power wash will ensure this step is completed correctly. Otherwise, you may damage your siding, screens, and other roof components. The cost of a power wash by a professional is usually between $0.50 and $1 per square foot.

A professional can also soft wash your roof. Soft washing is a better option than using high-pressure water to clean the roof. It uses chemicals and a softer pressure.

Use A Primer

Priming your roof will help it adhere to subsequent layers of paint and prevent the paint from cracking. Make sure that the primer you use has titanium dioxide as a base to protect it from sun and rain. Let the primer dry completely after applying it.

Paint Your Roof

Selecting a color for your roof will be an important step in the project. Be sure that you are happy with this choice before beginning. Consult a roofing specialist for any specific paint requirements.

Wear non-slip footwear and use a harness if you are attempting to paint the roof by yourself. The most popular tool used by DIY painters is a roller. Make sure that the roller is designed for metal surfaces that are not flat and has a long handle to make it easier to use. One thick coat should be sufficient, but check the instructions for your paint to get more information.

Brush Sealant Over Your Roof

Paint sealants are best for metal roofs. A sealant protects your paint against the elements, preventing peeling. Apply the sealant using a roof brush when the surface has completely dried. It is sufficient to apply a thin layer of sealant on the surface. Too much sealant can cause cracking.

Tips To Ensure A Metal Roof Lasts A Long Time

Proper materials and paints are essential, but they are just one part of the whole process. These simple guidelines will help you maintain a metal roof that is brighter, healthier, and lasts longer.

  • Wash your roof every year at least to prevent paint cracking
  • Avoid extreme weather by painting your roof in the spring or autumn.
  • Paints that are high quality will last longer.
  • Protect your exterior with energy-efficient paint.
  • When painting on your own, safety should be a top priority. Use the right harness, dust masks, shoes, and equipment.
  • You should also have someone on the ground who knows that you’re working on the roof.

DIY vs. Hiring Professionals

The quality of the roof and your level of skill will determine whether you hire professional metal roofing or paint it yourself. If you do not take the necessary precautions and have the correct tools, walking on a rooftop can be dangerous. Professional roof painting in auckland costs from $1150 to $3655, depending on the roof’s size, shape, and type of paint.

Consider your ability to use power tools, your experience in heights, and your ability to detect roof damage before tackling this project. You’ll need to check the roof for peeling and flaking, which can indicate an adhesive issue. Also, make sure you remove any rust before starting the project.

You should give your metal roof time to weather before painting it.

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