How to organize your kitchen

Step 1: Clean out your cabinets

What? It sounds like you are saying it. It sounds like a lot of work. How did you manage to organize your life without knowing the basics?

Take everything out of your cabinets and go through them. Are there duplicates? Do you have items you don’t use often? How about broken kitchen gadgets? There are also the things that you forgot you owned.

Please look through each drawer and cabinet and group it all on the floor. You can take a hard look at everything and decide what to get rid of. Keep in mind that space is limited in your kitchen. The goal is to reduce the number of things you use and love and get rid of the rest.

Step 2: Combine Items

Sort your kitchen by category. Each group should be inspected. All your baking ingredients should be gathered together. All your cooking utensils should be grouped. You might have items that are only used occasionally, like holiday dishware. These items can be bought together.

Step 3: Get Organized

You now have only the items you need to organize in groups. Now it is time to place them in their correct places. Your coffee-making supplies should be near your coffeemaker. Your kitchen utensils should be stored near where you will use them. Also, consider the location of your dishwasher. It’s not a good idea to go back and forth to the dishwasher to get all of your glassware. You want it to be as easy as possible.

Step 4: Buy Some Containers

Containers make a big difference in organizing your gravy mix and seasoning packets. You can store them in inexpensive plastic containers, even shoe boxes. You should also have one for small boxes such as pudding mix or flavored gelatin.

Step 5: Take Control of Your Lids

You’re likely to have many plastic containers and lids if you’re like most people. What happens when we have containers that don’t fit our containers? It would help if you got rid of anything that doesn’t belong to someone. To keep them together, store them in a larger container. The same goes for pots and saucepans.

Step 6: Use Lazy Susans

Built-in lazy susans allow you to make the most of difficult-to-reach corners. You can easily reach awkward corners with lazy susans by putting them in cabinets. You can use them in surprising places, such as your refrigerator. This makes it easy to find the right medication or spices in your upper cabinets or back.

Step 7: Add Drawer Dividers

It’s easy to organize your drawers and assign each item a place. You can organize even your junk drawer and find what you need when you need it.

Step 8: Paperwork

Let’s start with the pile of paperwork that you have been collecting. It accumulates on your counter, from coupons and takeout menus to different notepads. After a while, you start to get mail. Paperwork explosion. This is not how it should be done.

A kitchen desk with a file drawer and a filing cabinet can be a great way to organize your paperwork. Are you short on space? Magnetic sorter boxes are great for sticking to your fridge. It’s easy to find the right paperwork by keeping it organized. Also, it will encourage you to organize your workspace.

Step 9: Clear out the Fridge

Oh, you. It was there, but you weren’t ready to face it. Isn’t it always lurking in the back? Maybe that’s just me. This kitchen organization is too important to ignore, so grab some trash bags and move.

Make it a habit to clean out your fridge at least once per week. Is your trashman picking up every week? It’s a great reminder to clean out your fridge every night.

Talking of trash, I like the extra bags to go in the bottom of my trash can. You can take out your trash, and the new bag will be right where you need it.

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