How to make your carpet cleaning solutions?

Carpet cleaning can be difficult. It can be costly to buy the right carpet cleaning products from supermarkets. You can make your carpet cleaning products at home with common household ingredients.

These are some tips to make your Carpet Cleaning Solutions.


Mix 1 cup of water with a 1/4 teaspoon of detergent. Combine the detergent with water. Professional carpet cleaners in Adelaide use this solution in a carpet cleaner or scrub the carpet with a sponge or rag. Vacuum up any residue after the carpet has dried.

Household Cleaner

1 cup of all-purpose household cleaner, without bleach, 1/2 cup fabric softener, and 1 cup of any all purpose household cleaner. 1 gallon warm water. This cleaning solution can be used in a carpet cleaner or for cleaning with a sponge or rag.

Window Cleaning Solution

Mix equal amounts of water and window cleaner to create a low-cost, effective carpet cleaner in your home or office. This solution can be used to scrub the carpet.

Lemon and Peroxide Cleaner

Hydrogen Peroxide can be used as a powerful cleaner. Lemon is a grease-cutting cleaner that leaves behind pleasant aromas. These two ingredients can be combined to make a carpet cleaner. Combine 3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide with 1 1/2 cups water in a bucket. Add 5 drops of lemon essential oils and mix all the ingredients together. This solution can be used to clean your carpet.

Basic Powder Cleaner

Powdered carpet cleaners work well for greasy stains and spills. You can make your own powered cleaner at home. For a pleasant smell, combine 1 cup baking powder with 1 cup corn-starch in an a bowl. Add 5 crushed bay leaves. Add a few drops of dried crushed potpourri to give it an extra scent. Combine all ingredients together to create a solution for cleaning your carpet.

Make sure your carpet is clean before you begin cleaning. To ensure that the cleaner is safe for your carpet, test the solution in a smaller area. Wait at least 24 hours for it to dry.

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