How to Arrange Sofa Cushions

You can easily update your pillows to keep your living room on-trend as the season changes and new colors become more popular. You can achieve a refreshing and simple look that won’t cost a lot.

This simple task may seem straightforward at first, but it can become overwhelming when you have to choose decorative items that you will see in your home every single day. To help you with the purchasing process, we have created three steps.

These steps can be used to make an armchair, a two-seater or a three-seater, as well as a corner sofa.

How to arrange cushions on an armchair

  1. Size: For an armchair, choose one cushion that is 45x45cm and one that is 50x30cm.
  2. Color: The larger cushion should have a solid color from your scheme. The 50x30cm cushion can be textured or patterned to enhance the depth of your arrangement.
  3. Place the larger cushion in the back of your armchair with the 50x30cm cushion in the front.

We have a plain grey square cushion for the back and a smaller rectangular pink gingham cushion for the front. This gives the armchair a vintage feel while still being simple. This is a great choice for pink-toned velvet armchairs.

How to arrange sofa cushions on a 2-seater

You will be using your 2 seater sofa more frequently than your armchair, so don’t overfill it with cushions. These cushion sizes are great because they are both decorative and allow enough space on the sofa to sit down comfortably.

  1. Size: Two 45x45cm and two 50x30cm cushions are required.
  2. The same rules apply to color. Choose two cushions measuring 45x45cm that are the same size as your chosen color scheme. You can choose a subtle texture or pattern in the 50x30cm cushion. There will be two, so you don’t want to clash.
  3. Place both 45x45cm cushions side-by-side on the back of the two-seater sofa. Place the 50x30cm cushions in front.

Mix neutral colors with brighter shades. This will bring life and style to your living space without making it look too shabby. The textured dark gray Rajput cushion has been paired with the bright yellow Nirvana cushion for the front. For a new look, you can also pair grey and yellow together.

How to arrange sofa cushions on a 3-Seater

  1. Size: You can easily add too many pillows to a three-seater sofa. We recommend two 45x45cm cushions and three 50x30cm cushions if you use your three-seater sofa daily.
  2. Color: Keep in line with your color scheme by choosing a solid color for the 45 x 45 cm and 45 x 45cm cushions. To balance the pattern, choose two rectangular cushions. Then add a complementary color to your 50 x30 cm cushion.
  3. Arrangement: Use the same procedure as for the two-seater arrangement. For a more symmetrical effect, however, place the third 50×30 cm in the middle of the sofa (see below).

You can add more patterns to an arrangement with more space. The blue rectangular cushion has been placed in front of the plain navy real leather cushion. The smaller, bright yellow cushion brings the look together and creates a focal point in the middle. This is a great way of introducing patterns into your interiors without making them clash.

How to Place Sofa Cushions in a Corner

Because sofa corners are longer than usual, you must use a mix of sizes. This will create symmetry and divide the sofa. You can choose from three different cushions colors, but don’t overdo it as this could crowd the space.

  1. Size: Choose from three sizes for a large corner sofa: Three 45x45cm, three 50x30cm, and two 60x60cm.
  2. Color: Choose 2 different plain colors for the rectangular and square cushions. Next, you can choose a complementary pattern to match the colors of your larger 60×60 cm cushions.
  3. Start from the left-hand corner of the corner sofa’s longest side. One small rectangular cushion and one square cushion should be placed in front. To create a cozy, lived-in sofa, place the smaller square cushion in front of it.

You can give your corner sofa more depth by using multiple sizes. For the corner sofa, we have added larger 60×60 cm square cushions. This style features a textured dark gray boucle cushion and a smaller cushion in the front. We have chosen a grey tartan to tie the two colors together.

The cushion inserts are another important aspect of arranging sofa cushions. The cushion inserts are another important thing to consider when arranging sofa cushions.

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