How do I decorate my home? Take the Quiz to Get Design Tips

Are you looking to renovate your home? Here’s something you should consider before you begin: Have you chosen the right home decor style for your home?

You may be asking, “Well, what design style do you have?” To find out, take the fun quiz below. You’ll be able to name your ideal home style with our 10 questions. Answering these questions will help you decide if your home decor style is more Industrial or Mid-Century Modern. Are you more inclined to Shabby Chic or Modern Classical? You can start your home design project with some inspiration.

These are 3 guidelines to help you decorate your home in a way that suits your style.

Now that you have a clear picture of your home’s aesthetic, we offer three critical rules for DIY home decorating. It’s possible to make your home look professional without spending a fortune.

Rule 1: Be familiar with your design style.

It’s easy to misunderstand some home decor styles (hello Minimalist and Scandinavian!). How can you ensure that the design you are trying to copy is truly yours?

Step 1: Take a home aesthetic quiz.

Get started with our What’s My Decorating Style quiz. Quiz! Quiz! It’s fast, simple, and purely visual. It’s possible to be surprised at the style you end up with, which may be completely different from what you had imagined. This will give you the design vocabulary to help narrow your search. To help you find the right home decor piece for you, you can use words such as “industrial”, “coastal,” and “boho”.

Step 2: Take a good, hard look at your space.

Once you have your style down, the next step is to examine your space. Do you need a complete overhaul? Do you need accessories to match your style? What areas in your homework for you? Do you think it is essential that your home has lots of natural light? Is artificial light sufficient?

You will be able to see the best in you, and you’ll feel happier.

Step 3: Get inspired.

This is one of our favourites. Relax, take a step back and let the creative energy flow. You can find home decor inspiration on Pinterest and in magazines or television shows.

You can also draw inspiration from the spaces around your home. It’s an excellent way to imagine how your area might look with similar elements or layouts. To create an interior design mood board, save some photos and put them together. If you find fixtures, furniture, or artwork that you like in someone’s home, ask them for their recommendations.

Rule #2: Keep the 3 C’s in mind: Choose, Consider, Cure.

Moving on to the second rule of DIY interior design, choose wisely, consider the details of your space, and curate happy feelings.

Choose accessories and style elements that you can see yourself using over time. While we want our home to reflect our style, functionality and practicality are essential aspects of a comfortable, liveable space.

Consider lighting and measurements. It is easy to find everything and anything that suits your style. You might not find the correct item for your home. You should consider how much light your space receives at different times of the day to determine which paint colours and lighting options will brighten it. To ensure that furniture fits in your room, take measurements.

Finally, only bring in items that make you happy. We live by the principle that clutter does not make anyone happy — and we agree. You can make your space stand out by limiting the number of accessories you use. We are confident that adding pieces slowly is better than creating a cluttered area.

Rule 3: You must promise to stick to your budget.

This is the area where DIY designers often fail. Some people find that the reality of having to budget tempers the excitement of designing their dream home. Your creativity should not be hampered by having to stick to a budget. Here are some ways you can stay within your budget and still have the home of your dreams.

Use items you already own.

It’s possible that you already have the item you require. You might be able to identify each item’s purpose and determine if it is still suitable for your style. Are there items in a different manner than what you are looking for? You can either sell them at a garage sale or give them away to your local charity.

You can also check out a garage sale and a secondhand shop.

Your treasure could be someone else’s junk. These shops mix old and new styles and can be a distraction. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Mixing is better than matching.

It might seem like a great way to buy all your big-ticket items at once, such as a furniture set. It could also reduce the personalisation of your space and drain your budget. Mix and match your furniture to design like a pro. Add accessories to compliment your focal point.

You can DIY your home.

Shabby Chic, Industrial and other interior design styles feature well-worn pieces that are easy to recreate with a little bit of patience and elbow grease. You can unleash your creativity with DIY and create unique pieces you won’t see anywhere else.

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