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Decorating Tips for Large Homes

Everyone dreams of owning large houses. It cannot be easy to decorate a large space. Although a large room is great for entertaining, it can lack the coziness and warmth of smaller rooms. It might be too large for daily living. There are many ways to make the most of space and decorate large spaces to feel cozy and rooted.

You can make large living spaces feel more comfortable and manageable in many ways. Some of these methods may not work in all spaces. You can choose what works best for you. Let’s get started and see some decorating ideas for large rooms.


It is best to use a large area by creating smaller spaces. This will create order in a large space that can otherwise seem awkward. You can achieve this in many ways. Carpets are one way to achieve this. You can easily add rugs or carpets to the floor. These will be used as small islands that can be furnished with specific items.

Another way is to use wall colors or wallpapers. Wallpapers can be used to create a sense of separation within a room. You can choose from a range of colors and designsDesigner wallpapers enhance the beauty and serve a practical purpose. E.g., A large living area could be divided with wallpapers or carpets to create a sitting area, TV viewing area, and study area.


This is a common mistake in large rooms. It is common for people to buy a lot of furniture to fill a large space. This only clutters the space. It is necessary to have a central point from which furniture can be placed. It makes order from chaos.

As focal points of the room, a large sofa or heavy writing desk can be good. A room can be divided visually by having two or more focal points. This will counter the large space. A large sofa placed in front of an entertainment unit and a heavy desk will create two separate spaces in the room. Each space can serve a specific purpose.


It is important to pick furniture that is proportional to the space. A large space will not be well-suited for delicate or small furniture. Large rooms should have at most one or two large pieces. A large sofa and a bookcase will complement a large living space. When choosing large furniture, it is important to be careful. A cluttered room will look cluttered if there is too much furniture.

For large bedrooms, a canopy bed is an excellent choice. The canopy bed will balance the space and create a cozy atmosphere. You can also create a sitting area or reading space in a large bedroom. You can make it as simple as two tall-backed, cozy chairs around the small coffee table.


Lighting can make a room look completely different. This is particularly true in large rooms. Large rooms require ample lighting. To create the illusion of a smaller space, smaller areas can be individually illuminated. You can have lamps that can be moved around in the room by having electrical outlets on the floor.

The center ceiling light is a focal point for the room. However, it should be supported by smaller lights spread throughout the room to provide uniform lighting. A few portable lamps with matching shades can give the room more uniformity.


Creative home decor ideas include the use of colors that make large rooms feel cozy. You can use different colors and patterns to break down large walls and create zones. Darker or more vibrant colors can be used as visual divisions in the room.

Texture Used: Royale Play –> Infinitex –> Shale; Base Coat – Pebble Moss (7849); Top Coat – Copper (0587)Another great way to decorate your walls is with textures. Textures add depth and interest to walls while still serving the same purpose. Textures should not be used on every wall. The best results for home decor are achieved by using textures on a single wall or part of a wall.

Go Bold

Everything in a large space must be the same size. This includes furniture, accessories, and artwork. Wall art will help break up large areas. One or two large pieces of artwork will be more effective than having many smaller pieces. This will help to reduce visual clutter and add class. Wallpapers can achieve the same effect if an artwork is not your preference. Many designer wallpapers are as good or better than artworks. You can replace more expensive artwork by using a large area of bold wallpaper.

This is true also for furniture. Large rooms can be anchored visually by bold fabric patterns that stand out. Repeating patterns or colors in the fabric are more appealing to the eye. They also create a natural flow for the eyes to follow.

Remember that your imagination is all you have. Remember to be realistic when decorating. Overdoing it will lead to the opposite of what you intended.

Although large living spaces can be difficult to decorate, they are worth the effort.

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