Home Chef Review: Simple Home Cooking (No, Really)

The joy of cooking! Julia Child taught us something. It’s that cooking is a joy. That’s at least the theory. However, anyone who has ever had to run out of a particular ingredient or nicked a finger while cutting or cooking shrimp knows that not all meal preparation experiences are pleasant. It can be overwhelming to grocery shop for all the ingredients and get dinner on the table with your busy schedule. Here’s how to get there, Home Chef. This is where Home Chef comes in. Like many other subscription-based meal delivery services, Home Chef claims to offer “home cooking simplified.” Is it true? I ordered a week’s worth of meals delivered right to my doorstep to test it. 

The Home Chef Delivery: well packaged and nicely done

Do you remember what we said about life getting busy? This was what I felt as I boarded the plane to Colorado on the same day I had booked my Home Chef delivery. It was not ideal. My husband was going to take care of everything while I was gone. After being exposed to what-knows-what in the shipping process, I wondered if the product would still be fresh when I returned. How about that shrimp-based meal I ordered so boldly? It’s a simple process that Home Chef takes care of, from storing the food to preparing it. I find putting away groceries one of my least favourite tasks. Home Chef does all the hard work for you. Each meal is packed in a handy zip-top bag. My trusted partner and I had to load our three bags into the bag. 

The simplicity of the system is brilliant for both ends. This system makes setting up your Home Chef menus in seconds. When you are ready to cook, all you have to do is grab a bag and head out. This is genius, I think. Home Chef Pricing

Home Chef does not have a set pricing structure like other meal delivery companies. Instead, you only pay per meal depending on which recipe you choose. The traditional meals cost $20 for two portions and $40 for four. Premium meals will cost you the market price. The Home Chef recipes are delicious and easy to prepare

Let’s be honest here. I don’t particularly appreciate cooking. Although I don’t necessarily hate cooking, I prefer to be in the tub with a glass of wine after a long day of work than stand over the stove. While some people find great joy in cooking, I don’t. I cook because it is necessary. Sometimes, I enjoy the final result so much that I can retroactively say I enjoyed making that particular meal. Three meals were included in the Home Chef shipment. I was able to get three more for my money. Enjoy the process of creating them. It’s not bad at all! Not to be forgotten, I am a pescatarian which means that all my meals will be primarily planted- and fish-based. 

Let’s get into the details. 

#1: Avocado & Beet Poke Bowl

First, I did the Avocado & Beet Poke Bowl. After a few days of sitting in my fridge, I thought this mostly vegetable-based meal might be too much. Everything was beautifully packaged and tasted amazing. The carrots were crisped, the avocado was ripe, and the beets and edamame were delicious. The sauce was simple to adjust for my picky husband. Home Chef did a great job. This meal was a satisfying and satisfying result of a lot of travel. 

#2 Baja Shrimp Bowl 

Shrimp is my favourite food, but I wouldn’t say I like cooking them. It takes so little time to cook shrimp that I feel constantly straddling the line between overdone and raw. With the help of my Home Chef Recipe, I was able to nail it in their Baja Shrimp Bowl. Because my husband cooked the shrimp and I made the rest, this is the perfect opportunity to discuss these recipes. He doesn’t like cooking, so I give my hat to him and Home Chef. The pictures in their recipes are very helpful for novice cooks. They also break down the steps so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Home Chef takes care of all the hard work, such as tailing the shrimp and making the sauce. And what about the meal itself? We forgot to take pictures because it was so delicious. 

#3: Umami Miso-Mushroom-Cream Gemelli Pasta

Since we stopped eating meat, mushrooms have been a mainstay in our home. Their earthy, meaty texture can take your meal to the next level when used correctly. They can also be used as a weird, brown-grey mass in your dish. It’s great to tell you that Umami Miso-Mushroom-Cream Gemelli Pasta The former is definitely where we landed. The meal was delicious without feeling heavy. This one hit me as an avid lover of umami and earthy flavours. What cute little pats of butter is that? Pros and cons of Home Chef

Overall, every Home Chef meal was a great experience. These are my top takeaways.

Home Chef pros:

  • It was easy and quick to prepare (everything took 30 minutes or less).
  • Good portion size
  • Convenient packaging
  • Creativity in cooking
  • All Orders Over $45 qualify for free shipping
  • It was competitively priced (everything I tried was around $10 per serving).

Home Chef cons

  • Many plastic packaging, some of which can be recycled.
  • Premade products (e.g. Sauces can be restrictive for someone keen to learn how to cook from scratch.

Do you think I would like to order more Home Chef meals for a week? Absolutely. Although $10 per serving may seem like delivery, it’s still a fresh and delicious meal. You also have control over the ingredients. It saves me time and money on grocery shopping, which I don’t like.

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