Here are 12 tips for styling your home as if you were an interior designer.

It can be not easy to choose the right design for your interior space. There are many things to consider, including wallpaper and furniture and paint colour and accessories.

Many people believe that hiring an interior designer is the best option. What if you could learn from their expertise and do it yourself?

Graham & Brown is a leading British wallpaper brand. They have teamed up to share some tips with celebrities Kelly Hoppen and Julien Macdonald.

1. Always accessorise

Home accessories are a great way to achieve a designer look. You can build a collection with staple pieces like vases and trinkets. Accessories like these are great because you can easily change them according to the seasons. You can also buy these accessories online from so many affordable homeware stores.

2. Mix it up

To create depth and contrast, mix textures and materials throughout your home. You can create depth and contrast by using metallics against the wood. This is possible on a limited budget. You can bring in new textures and finishes with wallpaper. Elegant geometric patterns in neutral tones and monochromes bring life to a space and give it that designer touch.

3. Be cautious with the use of colour

If you want to create a high-end look with colour, you need to be careful about what shades you choose. You can add magenta to a few rooms, but not the entire house.

4. Take into account your options

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to renovate your home completely or look for an update.

5. Luxuriate in luxury

My number one tip for creating a designer look is to add luxury to every room. Metallics and glitters can add some bling to smaller rooms, as they reflect off features and create the illusion of more space.

6. Dramatic?

You can also create a sense of mystery and intrigue by using dark wallpapers in small areas. You can give your house a unique, boudoir-like feel by using dark wallpapers in certain areas.

7. Personality is the key

You should make your home reflect you, so be bold. Interior designers will get to know you and what you love before they can help you display it throughout your home. But you are the best interior designer.

8. Brainstorm like you’re your job

Start by creating a mood board and brainstorming your favourite colours, textures, and patterns. For inspiration, browse through glossy magazines to find room sets. It’s like styling your home for a large event. Each piece must be done well, and the whole thing should work together.

9. Boldness is key

Unexpected pops of colour against simple backgrounds are my favourite thing. It’s hard to believe that a designer would make such bold choices. Add a large, velvet teal cushion or a bright, geometric rug to make a room stand out.

10. Find your balance

A knack for finding the right balance between too sterile or too cluttered is what gives good taste. A good room is clean and simple but not too cluttered.

11. You can add a little more to your life

You can create a calm, neutral environment and add small but noticeable elements of your personality, such as art or a family heirloom. Vinyl records are your favourite, so show off those beautiful covers!

12. It is not a race

Remember to take your time when making decisions about your home. You don’t have to complete things in record time.

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