Elevation Wall Tiles Designs for Indian Homes

The exterior walls of a house are as important as the interior walls. 3D wall tiles can improve the external appeal of your home. The theme and location of your home influence exterior tiles. Architects choose tiles according to whether they want the exterior to be uniform or if they want a particular pattern.

3D tile wall textures are popular for creating an exterior surface that is durable and unique. You can choose from a variety of 3D elevation wall tiles for your home.

Natural Stone Wall Tiles

Ceramic tiles with a finish of natural stones create a natural and classic look on your walls. These tiles are durable and weatherproof, allowing you to have a maintenance-free exterior. Brickstone is a popular choice for wall cladding. You can also choose from other unique options such as:

  • Granite
  • Black Stone
  • Quarry Stone
  • Asymmetric Stone Finish
  • Multicolored Stone Finish
  • Pebble Tiles
  • Coral Stone Finish
  • Andesite Stone Finish


These tiles can be used to create patterns and textures in your living room, as well as external wall cladding.

Brick wall tiles are bare.


Bricks are a common building material for homes in urban areas around the world. The bare bricks are usually considered incomplete, and the walls are plastered so that they look smooth. Plastering helps to improve the durability and look of brick walls.

The bare brick look, with its perfect grit line, is also attractive. On plastered walls, you can create the same effect by using ceramic tiles that have a brick finish. Ceramic wall tiles come in a variety of colors, not just the standard red.

Honeycomb Elevation Wall tiles


Honeycomb tile, also known as hexagonal tiles, adds sophistication and richness to any home. Honeycombs, shells, snowflakes, and dragonflies with their mesmerizing eyes are just a few examples of the exquisite beauty found in nature. Interior designers use these tiles because they have a classic look.

Abstract Pattern Elevation Tiles


People who are looking for a modern and contemporary design will find abstract design tiles appealing. Abstract tiles are available in many different patterns, sizes, and techniques. They can be used on walls and flooring.

Abstract tiles are regal due to their unique texture and consistency. The intricate patterns make these tiles stand out and are unique.

Wooden Finish Tiles


Use wood appearance tiles as an alternative to extend your elegant wooden interior design to the outside of your home. These tiles are designed to have a natural, serene appearance. Wood-finished tiles create a harmonious look with nature.

Choose a tile with a realistic representation of wood grain. Choose from a variety of colors, including many shades of grey and brown.

Marble Wall Tiles


The wall tiles that look like marble are an excellent alternative to natural marble, which is often more expensive. Ceramic wall tiles that have a marble finish allow you to create a variety of natural marble patterns for your exterior walls. Marble tiles are a beautiful choice. These tiles could be difficult to select for front wall cladding. Large wall tiles give you an appearance similar to natural marble tiles.

Mosaic Elevation Tiles


Mosaic Tiles are a great way to combine design with durability. The colors and textures are so vibrant that they can liven up any room. The most common place to find mosaic tiles is in bathrooms and pool areas.

Mosaic tiles are available at affordable prices. There are also many sizes available for these front wall tiles. You can use mosaic tiles to create a unique look. They can give any surface movement and life, and they reflect light interestingly.

Textured Elevation Tiles


Textured tile is one of the most popular items for interior decorating. The new varieties of textured tile allow homeowners, architects, and designers to express their creativity in the design of their homes.

The wall coverings are textured and have a 3D appearance.

Pop-up color elevation wall tiles

Pop-up tiles are becoming more popular. They have been around for a while, but they’re only getting better. These tiles can be used to create funky moods and other fun atmospheres in your home.

Pop colors can create different atmospheres for each occasion, depending on the decorating theme and your taste. These colors are perfect for those who wish to add some personality to their space or have a small, cramped area.

Elevation wall tiles with geometric shapes


Geometric tiles are available on a variety of surfaces, including matte, glossy, and glassy. They are usually stain- and water-resistant, which means that maintenance is minimal. Square and rectangular tiles are classics, which look good in almost any space. Geometric tiles are available in many other shapes, and they’re all stunning.

Random Pattern Tiles


If you want something unique and creative, consider high-quality tiles with random patterns. You can decorate the exterior of your home with fascinating and unique designs. The result was a pleasant surprise.

You can choose from a variety of lesser-known tile options in addition to the more popular ones. The appearance and durability of your external walls will be improved by using tile cladding.

You will also not need to paint your walls with tiles every few years. To maintain your wall, you can clean the tiles using a waterjet.

What is the best type of tile for a front wall?

Your taste and your design requirements will determine the best front wall tiles. Ceramic tiles offer a wide range of design options. Choose from 3D tiles or a natural finish. The most popular external cladding tile finishes are granite and stone. But bare bricks and mosaic patterns also appeal to those who want a unique look.

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