Decorate with Designs by Spoonflower Independent Artists

Many people are excited about the new outdoor decor launch. They’re decorating their homes, backyards, and tabletops with bright, colorful, unique designs in preparation for summer. We have the right outdoor decor to match your style and celebrate any occasion, such as a graduation, birthday or engagement party. You can be sure that our catalog has something for you, including outdoor pillows, picnic blankets and cloth napkins. has over 4,000 designs from 175+ artists worldwide. Many of these artists were inspired by a variety of colors, themes, wildlife and were able to create patterns and digital art pieces that spoke to their personalities and those they shared them with. You can explore our collection of outdoor tabletop and outdoor decor for ideas on how to decorate your outdoor space.

To learn more about their genius, we interviewed four Spoonflower Independent Artists: Danika Herrick (Janine Lecour), Virginia O. and Jessica Prout. Continue reading if you are interested in how their unique designs came about. You can also click here for more information on how and where they found their inspiration.

Explore Outdoor Tabletop Styles

You can depend on outdoor decor that matches the season, no matter if you were raised with bright colors like Danika. You can host a barbecue or serve food like chicken wings and ribs that is bound to be messy. Choose from our collection of serving platters and cloth napkins and choose a design that best suits your style. It’s up to you and what you like. Our outdoor pint glasses will allow your guests to keep cool and refresh themselves in the heat of summer. Spoonflower’s Independent Artist created a range of outdoor pillows that your family can relax on when they get tired of playing outside games. No matter what design you choose, an outdoor oasis can be created with unique designs that capture the perfect summer feeling right in your backyard.

Decorate your yard with summer colors & themes

Summer colors, themes and designs are a great way to decorate your outdoor party. Janine has a variety of tropical-themed patterns that will highlight your love of the beaches. You can be sure that you’ll create the perfect getaway feeling right at home with dinner platestable runners, or picnic blankets. Your guests will enjoy the summery decorations and the relaxed atmosphere.

Get the gift of home decor with original artist designs

Home decor can be used to decorate your yard and make gifts. You can bring joy to others, like Virginia, by surprising them with home decor gifts. To welcome their guests to their new home, gift them with items such as salad plates, outdoor pillows and fleece blankets. You can take any of these products and pick your favorite design from Spoonflower’s Independent Artists. Watch their joy as they open a gift with a unique pattern.

Decorate with Designs by Independent Artists

We hope you have learned more about Spoonflower Independent Artists and are inspired to bring one their designs to life in one your favorite home decor products. Shutterfly has amazing designs by independent artists that you can use to decorate your home, host a party, or buy a unique gift for someone special.

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