There are so many options for style, technology, and quality when choosing the right appliances for your kitchen remodel. Even if you work with a professional design or building company, choosing the right appliances can be difficult. It is important to create a design plan before you begin shopping for appliances. This will ensure a functional, stylish kitchen that suits your lifestyle and budget.


You can create an appliance-purchasing strategy by assessing your needs and goals in several key areas.


You can choose to remodel your existing kitchen or create your dream kitchen by changing the design. The layout of your kitchen will determine the type of appliances you purchase. Consider how your kitchen is used, the traffic patterns and interactions with adjacent rooms, and any architectural or structural limitations. Common Kitchen Layouts provides tips and insight on space planning. The layout you choose can limit or enhance the number of appliances that can fit. You may need to make compromises.

Your budget will significantly impact the appliances you choose for your kitchen. It should be appropriate for the project’s size and scope. When choosing appliances, make sure that you and your trade professional place function above aesthetics. Commercial-style appliances may look great in your kitchen, but you might need to make structural changes that will limit your budget.


It would help to consider your family’s lifestyle when designing your new kitchen. It would help if you took notes about how you use your kitchen now and how you would like it to be used in the future. Consider adding specialty appliances such as an ice maker, warming drawer, or oven to make entertaining easier. Busy families may want to add a speed cooking stove to save time. It will be easier to match your appliance needs with the features you want once you have started shopping.

You can visit showrooms or retailers independently or with a professional designer. This will allow you to see the products in action and determine if the appliances are a good fit for your needs. You might consider an oven or range with larger temperature and time displays depending on how big your kitchen is. You may also find certain buttons, knobs and other tactical features more accessible. Locate retailers by visiting the manufacturer’s websites or using Find a Showroom. Even if you are not located near a retailer, your wish list can still help narrow your search based on the specifications and features on the manufacturers’ websites.


After establishing your appliance budget, functional requirements and style preferences, you can narrow down your options by choosing the style and finish that best suits your kitchen design. Stainless steel is the preferred finish for luxury kitchens. It is durable and long-lasting, while its sleek surface makes it easy to clean. A luxury trend is to integrate appliances with custom-made cabinets. This means that cabinet maker custom-made panels according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The best thing about higher-end appliances? They are often designed with timeless lines that can be used in various kitchen styles. Monogram also offers a distinction between European-style and chef-inspired Professional styles.

It would help if you also considered the impact that handles, buttons, touchscreens, and illumination have on the look you are going for when choosing appliances. To help you visualize how they work together, create a mood board.


Choose your retailer carefully when buying appliances. To help you make the right choice, the sales representative should be familiar with all different brands’ features. Retailers can also help with complicated installation requirements specific to your kitchen design.

Knowing when and where you can buy can help your budget. There are often deep discounts as part of seasonal sales or promotions around major holidays in the American retail market. You can also find rebates and promotions on the manufacturer’s websites and local dealers offering additional discounts.

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