Cabin Decor Leans On Nature

If you remember back to the days when you had a moment to sit under the canopy of trees for a few hours, just gazing above to the branches, when life was easy-going and simple and you somehow felt protected from the world – that is the way you’ll feel when you’re in a room that has been decorated with cabin decor in style.

Log cabin style is welcoming and non-assuming in its setup. This is not the primitive log home of yesteryear, but a comfortably sized family house with a stone chimney, large windows and a world of comfort through the glass. After all, it is the interior is what completes a cabin’s charm. Even if you don’t have a log home (yet) the style of cabin decor can be applied to any room of your house, easily and affordably. Either way, it is important to understand the theory of the style before you begin.

A country log home, nestled amongst the pines has fields of wildflowers just beyond the front doors. The air is fresh and clean from the deck in the mornings and the evenings might have you curled up on a comfy couch in front of the fireplace. The room around you is primarily decorated in browns, oranges, yellows and greens – all lent from and inspired by nature. The walls – dark wood tones or softer hued honey tones – impart the feeling of warmth, serenity and comfort.

For those fortunate enough to live in a log home, there is no greater feeling and they’d be quick to tell you they wouldn’t leave it for the world. For those who aspire to live in such a home, there is plenty of hope for the future. In fact you don’t have to leave your city or community – You don’t even have to live in a secluded forest – you can give any room in any home that same snuggly cabin feeling. The trend toward log home living as well as modern home decorating with cabin decor themes is on the rise and supplies are readily available.

Some of the elements that make up the decor of a room in this style are comfort and practicality. Wood floors, screen door, even log cabin wallpaper can be purchased online cheaply. Other unpretentious items include slipcovers for existing furniture, wicker pieces, or wooden country chairs (mis-matched) painted and placed around a large pine harvest table. Finally lets not forget comforts in super soft fabrics and materials – sheepskin slippers, chenille blankets and handmade quilts on the couches, chairs and beds – just begging to be crawled under. As stated above this is not a prissy style. No airs of grandeur or pretentious signs of abundance exist. Cabin decor is built around masculine camps and summer retreats for hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts.

That doesn’t mean that a feminine touch is wrong, it is just a little trickier to pull off amidst all the wood and leather. Bring nature into the cabin themed room or home with sweet touches of florals, light colored white birch photo frames and the odd splash of whimsy. While creels, maps, fishing poles and lures might be the norm, there is nothing wrong with a pink plaid wool jacket – country in nature – hanging by the front door. Finally I might remind you that there is no one right way to find your cabin decorating style. Your cabin style should be whatever you love about nature or the great outdoors. You should feel comfortable, at peace and secure in this room so fill it with rustic antiques and statues of your favorite aspects of the lake, field or forest.

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