Best Canvas Prints: Styles for Every Home

Canvas prints are a great way to bring life and style into any space, whether home or office. We have compiled a guide to help you make the right choice when choosing high-quality canvas wall artwork. Your decorating vision and the space you wish to create will determine which canvas prints are best for your walls. You can realize your vision by browsing our extensive selection of custom canvas prints. Your interior design skills will impress your family, friends, and guests. They may even be inspired to make their canvas prints.

Canvas prints are a great way for you to display your memories and show your style to others. You can hang your canvas prints anywhere you like, including your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. This is your chance to make one or more canvas prints that tell your story, and then display them in a way you love.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Our most popular products are single-piece canvas prints and gallery-wrapped edges. These photos have been professionally stretched around the sides and edges of a wooden frame using a professional printer. Gallery-wrapped canvas prints are high quality and have a tight stretch so that your image doesn’t get distorted by wrinkles or fabric. They also include secure staples that have be placed with care. This allows art to be displayed throughout the entire frame, instead of being cut at the edges as traditional framed prints.

These stylish prints are a great choice for decorators who want a light and flexible option. They can be used in any room and are easier to hang than framed photography or art. If you prefer contemporary displays or want your photos to stand out, gallery-wrapped edges will work well. No matter how your home decor is hung, our high-quality prints are sure to add that extra flair you’ve been looking for.

Framed Canvas Prints

A framed canvas print is a better choice than a traditional photo print. Framed canvas prints are best for decorators who want a classic look but still love the details and texture of canvas prints. High-quality canvas prints can be enhanced with frames, making them more interesting for photos that really stand out. You can color coordinate your displays by choosing from a variety of frames, including white, wooden and black. Framed prints can add depth and coordinate with other accents in the room. For example, dark wood frames such as walnut will complement dark-stained wood coffee tables and accents. Frames can be used to display multiple photos on one canvas.

Are you looking for large-scale projects? For large-sized projects, canvas prints can be framed. The frames can be used to complement the image without being overwhelming. Our custom-framed canvas prints will make a lasting impression on your loved ones.

Collage Canvas Prints

Canvas print projects can make you your own interior designer! To show off your creativity, enhance your walls with a collage canvas print. You can display multiple photos on a collage canvas or split a single image into many different images to create a unique look that reflects your artistic flair. Design a Wall will help you create a striking wall whether it’s your artwork or a favourite print.

The best way to bring your gallery wall ideas alive is with collage canvas prints. There are many options available to create the gallery wall that you have always dreamed of, including panoramic, squared, and stacked styles. To choose the right option for you, consider the space available.

  • Small rooms – Use stack multi-prints that can be arranged vertically.
  • Use panoramic multi-prints to fill large rooms.
  • Standard room – Use different-sized prints to create a gallery wall in your standard room.

Panoramic Wall Art

Panoramic canvas prints can be used to display landscapes, wildlife, nature scenes and cityscape photos. These prints are great for group photos such as weddings, events and family reunions. A panoramic display is a great focal point for any wall, whether you are looking to showcase a sunset on the coast, your favourite cityscape or a large family portrait.

Panoramic prints are a dramatic way to decorate your office or home. You have a lot of options when it comes to where you should place your panoramic print. They are best for large spaces like behind a couch or bed. However, they can be turned vertically to create the same effect in smaller spaces.

Hanging Canvas Prints

These easy-to-hang canvas prints will make a statement. Personalize these contemporary and modern canvas wall art prints to bring out your creative side. Your favourite memories can be transformed into unique works of art for you and your family. These canvas prints are printed on semi-gloss with a premium polycotton canvas. They are beautiful and durable. Two sleek, stylish magnetic wood bars hold your canvas’ top and bottom in place. These stylish hanging canvas prints make great gifts for any occasion.

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