Beautiful Pergola Designs That Make Your Outdoor Space Shine Every Year

Let’s say it: If you don’t have one in your backyard, you aren’t making the most of your outdoor space. What is a pergola? A pergola is a structure that’s typically constructed with roof beams but not with a solid roof or walls. A pergola’s ability to create outdoor areas such as dining areas and seating lounges is its greatest advantage.

Although the structure is open, privacy can be achieved by covering it, growing crawling vines or adding screens, latticework or drapes.

Pergola Two-Story

There is nothing better than one pergola. Two. Two pergolas are better than one. The second floor doubles up as both a pergola and a balcony on the second floor. It also provides shade for the ground level. It is a beautiful place to hang out from top-to-bottom.

Well-Lit Pergola

You can also add a pergola to your patio. You can hang rattan lamps of different sizes and shapes from the overhead beams. Your setup will be equally attractive during daytime and night.

Purposeful Pergola

You can create separate vignettes to make the most of your backyard space. You can block off a dining area by building a pergola. Then create separate spaces for a firepit and outdoor lounges.

Neutral Pergola

Thinking about the different building materials available before you start building your pergola is important. There are many design options available with different woods. The pergola’s light colour complements the patio furniture perfectly.

Tiny Pergola

A backyard pergola doesn’t require a lot of space. It is located in the corner, perched against a wall to take up very little space but adds life and colour to a dull area.

Cabana-Inspired Pergola

You can give your pergola a beach-side cabana vibe by placing wood along its top in a chevron design. The ambience is enhanced by modern outdoor furniture and bohemian touches.

Boho Pergola

This is the place to be if your style is boldly bohemian. For a space that feels like a retreat, you can incorporate tons of natural materials like bamboo, jute and burlap.

Built-In Pergola

Your outdoor pergola will become an extension of your living space. The overhead structure can be attached to your exterior and decorated as any other room in the house. A porch is a great place to gather for warm evenings.

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