Are you unable to go on vacation? You can recreate the Hotel Vibe at Home.

Vacation is a wonderful way to unwind and recharge. You’ll enjoy lush living spaces and luxurious bathrooms when you stay at a resort spa, lakeside hotel, bed and breakfast or luxury hotel. You can still create that hotel-like atmosphere in your home and live luxuriously every day. These are the steps to get those looks.

Make your bed irresistible.

Luxurious beds are what everyone loves about luxury hotels. Wendy Hammerman, Founder & Head Designer at WLH Interiors (a full-service interior design studio), says that you can recreate this feeling by buying new bedding. Hammerman says that crisp, clean sheets made from freshly washed linens can make you feel like you’re on vacation. Hammerman also suggests a fluffy feather mattress topper and a down comforter. Add lots of fluffy pillows for a cozy feel and a splash of color.

Appealing scents are a great idea.

It would be best if you did not forget your senses of smell when creating an environment that is appealing to your senses. Hammerman says that the first thing you’ll notice when you enter a luxury spa or hotel is its aroma. Hammerman says that the resort is surrounded by a wonderful fragrance that creates a sense of comfort and calm. It doesn’t matter if it’s floral, beachy, or crisp. Scent can transform any space instantly and transport you to another place.

Hammerman suggests using an atomizer or candle that can be purchased at any local home store. “Nest is a well-known brand that offers a variety of scents, including my favorite Grapefruit. It’s clean, fresh, and fruity. Hammerman also suggests Moroccan Amber if you are looking for something more exotic. Aroma 360 is a plug-in that allows you to choose from various options depending on your mood.

Create a spa bathroom

Celine Marcotte, the Business Developer at GRAFF, recommends refreshing your shower to make it feel luxurious. Products that stimulate the senses immediately give the bathroom a luxurious hotel atmosphere. The combination of water, light, sound and music in harmony creates a deeper feeling of well-being. GRAFF’s Aqua-Sense Collection uses chromotherapy, LED lights, and chromotherapy. For example, 24K Gold and Rose Gold are all options that I consider luxurious. You can also look at the 2019 Trends In Bathroom Technology.

Marcotte recommends accessories that can easily be swapped out and updated in your bathroom. Grab bars can be a great way to update your bathroom and provide both style and an easy solution for aging-in-place.

Layer your lighting

Most hotel rooms offer several lighting options. Hammerman suggests using a lighter drape for sun-filtering light and a heavier drape for blackout effects. This is ideal for those who want to sleep late on lazy weekends. A 3-way bulb for your bedside lamp can give you the choice of a bright reading light or a soft ambiance.

Deschamps also suggests that light strips can be used under or in cabinets. To provide the right lighting for certain activities, such as reading, you can also use task lighting via a table or floor lamps.

Multi-functional sofas are a good option.

Luxurious leather sofas are very common in upscale hotels, private rooms, and lobbies. These stylish sofas can be used for whatever purpose – whether you are waiting in the lobby with all your luggage or returning to your room with your laptop and suitcase, or even after a long shopping day.

You can create this look at your home for much less than you think. You don’t even need to get up from your sofa to charge your phone or other devices.

Redesign your storage

There’s always a place for everything in a hotel room, which helps reduce clutter. Declutter your room, including your bedside tables. Hammerman suggests keeping only the essentials (and fresh-cut flowers) in your space will help you feel calm and simple. The room will appear larger if you get rid of unnecessary items. You don’t need a walk-in closet.

Select a calm paint color

“The warm Southwest-style palette has been associated with mass hotel chains for good or ill. So, Nivara Xaykao, Color and Design Expert. Many paint products can help keep your bedroom walls white and crisp. Chantilly Lace is one of her favorite whites. To give the space a designer’s touch, keep the accent colors cool and neutral by using calming grays or graphic blacks. The bathroom can be transformed into a sanctuary with bold color choices.

Add artwork

Last, add the artwork to brighten up the blank walls. Hammerman suggests a palette of neutrals and warm colors to create a relaxing hotel-like atmosphere.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy quality artwork. According to Alix Greenberg (Founder and CEO of ArtSugar), large framed art prints can be purchased to create eye-catching designs without breaking the bank. She recommends including art with scenic landscapes to remind one of being on vacation.

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