Are you planning to entertain outdoors this summer? Here are the steps to make it happen.

Warmer weather can tempt people to go outside. Wide-open spaces offer more space and less chance of damage to your home’s interior.

To truly create a memorable outdoor entertainment experience, you must make it fun and invite. Here are some tips to help you create this space.

More than a grill

But Josu Gaubeka (president of La Cuisine Appliances), a distributor of kitchen appliances, said that he is also seeing more accessories and appliances in summer kitchens. They’re building full kitchens and going beyond the barbecue. Many families have pizza ovens for their kids and friends to make it more convenient.

Specialized cookers

Slater cautions against putting a specialty appliance in your cabinetry, such as an Argentinian Grill.

Remember that the exterior layout of your kitchen is just as important as the interior layout.

Water and refrigeration

Gaubeka says, “I am being asked by developers of luxury condominiums for summer kitchens – including an electric barbecue, ice maker and sink.” Germani is not surprised by this. He says that a sink and a fridge are essential items and that he likes to have two refrigerators in his outdoor kitchen — one for food, one for drinks.

Slater suggests that you duplicate your indoor kitchen to make time with guests and avoid trips indoors. You could add trash cabinets and outdoor dishwashers to your sink and fridge.

Gaubeka states that some homeowners have refrigerated drawers in place of a refrigerator.


Protect your family and friends from the sun’s harmful rays when it is shining down. According to Chief-Levy Fischman, a Miami-based architect, “Cantilevered overheads provide plenty of shade while cooking/lounging outside.” This is not the only option. Slater suggests using misters, fans, and light-colored furniture to cool down.


Germani says that good lighting can help you create a mood, grill and entertain long after the sun sets and the martinis begin to flow. Lights are entertainment and provide safety so that you don’t get sued if someone falls in the dark. Matt Blashaw, an HGTV/DIY host, has some great tips for outdoor lighting. These include using spotlights and light strips. Duane Draughon is the owner and lead designer of VizX Design Studios, Lisle, IL.


Patti Wynkoop is the VP of Product Development and Purchasing at Miller & Smith. The company builds new homes and develops real property in Washington, D.C. She believes music is more popular than TVs. She says that outdoor ceiling speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music while entertaining guests or cooking.

When incorporating technology into your home, be mindful of the needs of your guests. Draughon advises that you include enough power outlets to charge your cell phones.


Your choice of seating will determine your entertaining options. Hammerman says that while outdoor wicker furniture was popular in the past, it is becoming less common to see built-in benches with cushions and throw pillows for a more casual and comfortable atmosphere that can accommodate more people.

To reduce spillage, you prefer guests to sit upright at the tables. This type of seating can be mixed with other more comfortable options. Fischman says that sunken seating areas offer depth and extra space for entertaining.

There’s another thing to remember when shopping for furniture. Wynkoop says composite furniture like sofas, lounge chairs, and end tables is maintenance-free, fade-resistant, and easy to see.

Considerations for flooring and ceiling

It is important to have flooring that is both durable and stylish. Wynkoop states that beadboard is an excellent choice for flooring in entertainment spaces. It can also seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living spaces. For decks, she recommends Duadek outdoor waterproof flooring. The suede color is a great neutral option for entertainment spaces, as it allows you to mix and match decor and rugs.

Wynkoop believes that consistency in ceiling heights and materials will help to marry indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. If you have a ceiling in an outdoor entertainment area, adding tongue and groove planks/panels gives it the appearance of a plank. It can be stained or painted. This will give it a refined look.

Planning for colder temperatures

While summer will soon be over, it is possible to enjoy outdoor entertaining well into fall if you plan properly. Wynkoop explains that outdoor furniture can be adorned with pillows, blankets, and cushions, just like indoor furniture. This will allow for greater comfort throughout the year. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are great for keeping warm when cold outside.

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