Amazing Deck Lighting Ideas for All Seasons

We don’t have to tell you lighting in your home décor is essential. You can spend hours arranging your space and obsessing over every detail, but if the lighting is not there to show it off, you may as well not have it. The same applies to your exterior design.

Lighting your deck instantly makes it more welcoming and ready to host. Here are some ways to brighten up your deck without breaking the bank.

Place a pendant light over your outdoor dining area

You can create a formal space on your back porch just by hanging a special light fixture above your formal dining room table.

Hanging a large pendant light over your outdoor dining area will make it look unique and inviting. Your statement lights can be hung from your pergola, porch, or overhead tree branch and placed over the centre of your outdoor dining table.

A Cluster of Pendant Lights is an option

pendant lamp is sufficient, but four is better. You can add a lot of light to your space while also creating an art installation above it. A group of rattan lampshades hanging from your porch makes a beautiful addition to any space.

String Market Lights for Your Gathering Space

Because it matches most design styles and is easy to install, overhead string light is the best option for many residents. You can also choose from different bulb shapes and sizes, and decide how many or few strands to add to your backyard.

Deciding on the right style depends on how big your space is and how high you want to hang it. You can also choose from solar or electric options to light up your outdoor event.

Consider portable lighting

Lighting solutions do not have to be permanent. Solar lights with handles are great for renting or entertaining. These lanterns are stylish and can be placed on any deck.

Outdoor Sconces

We love sconces. A deck sconce will provide the lighting you require and adds sophistication to your deck. The light fixture is neatly mounted on the wall makes this space feel minimal.

Use Lanterns that Double as Décor

Are lighting fixtures sometimes a bit out of place? They aren’t necessary to illuminate your outdoor space. This backyard deck will feel like a 5-star resort when it is paired with a pair of rattan lanterns.

You can choose beautiful lanterns that are decorative even when they’re not in use if you do a lot for daytime entertaining.

Never Forget Fire!

Sometimes, all you need to light your deck is a fire pit. For warm summer evenings, a firepit and some comfortable chairs make the perfect addition to your backyard.

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