9 Types of General Contractors That You Need to Know

You might not think a general contractor is as broad as you think. There are sub-types of general contractor that specialize in specific parts of the construction process. Today’s blog will discuss the different types of general contractors available and how to choose the right one for you next project.

First, let’s clarify what a general contractor is.

To coordinate a project from beginning to end, a general contractor must be licensed. General contractors are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the job site and working with architects and clients in the planning phase of a construction project.

Types of General Contractors

Let’s now learn what a general contractor looks like. To find the right contractor for your next project, it is important to know what each does.

Construction Management Contractor
Construction management contractors focus mainly on the timeline and budget. Construction management contractors manage the bigger picture while delegating the day-to-day operations on the job site.

Contractor Design-Build
Design-build is a well-known construction method. This method facilitates communication and coordination by the contractor serving as the point person and project manager. A design-build team usually includes a contractor, a designer, and other people who work under the same contract.

Corporate General Contractor
Corporate general contractors specialize in corporate-related projects. Each building must be identical to the original. This is why corporations will only use one contractor to build their buildings. Their work requires a lot more travel because the contractor might need to travel to other states and cities to complete the chain of buildings.

Real Estate Developer
Real estate developers purchase land and then invest their own money in a construction project. This leaves them with the greatest risk of losing and the best chance of receiving a large payout once the job is completed. Developers can make lots of money buying land and managing construction jobs from beginning to end.

Contractor Residential
A residential contractor is a contractor that specializes in building, remodeling, and/or renovating residential homes. Residential contractors are licensed to work on single-family homes only. They cannot also build apartment complexes or multifamily properties.

Commercial Contractor
Commercial contractors’ expertise is in their experience and training in the supervision of the construction of commercial retail space.

Government Contractor
Government buildings must follow different building codes. This is why government contractors need to have the right skills and knowledge to handle the job. The state or federal government commissions them to supervise a construction project. They must adhere to strict regulations. To comply with these regulations, government contractors must complete extensive paperwork, inspections, scheduling, and other tasks.

Contractor in Entertainment
Entertainment contractors manage the construction of temporary structures for television and film sets. While entertainment contractors are skilled at making buildings look great on film, the structures up close would not meet the requirements for real buildings.

Contractor for Handyman
Handyman Contractors in Carlton work on a smaller scale than those working on large projects but still have the skills and training necessary to do a wide range of construction work. They usually work in renovations.

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