8 Key Focus Areas When Planning A Home Recladding

There are many benefits to recladding your house with a reputable company. You will get water tightness and structural integrity. Your home will be future-proofed for marketability and sale, and you’ll also improve its livability for your family and yourself. It is especially true if the recladding of your home includes an interior renovation.

To achieve a home that looks ‘like new’ after renovation and recladding, careful planning and consideration are required. Here are eight key factors to consider before recladding your home to get the best out of your new build.

1. Select Your Cladding For Style & Functionality.

If you like contemporary styles. Consider cedar, Abodo, or metal cladding if you prefer contemporary styles. Dual claddings, such as null or cedar siding, are popular. They look great on modern and sleek builds. Bevel-back weatherboards offer a contemporary take on the classic look. Complete the look with boxed corner options and faced windows.

2. Street Appeal, Privacy & Security.

Speak to your design and construction team about how you can make your home more attractive, secure, and private. It will be tailored to your budget and home. This could include a front gate or fence, new cladding on the front elevation of the house, a garage door or front door, new lighting, or large cedar screens. Your build will be stylish and ensure a desirable exterior appearance if you ever decide to sell.

3. Insulation And Double-glazed Joinery.

Double-glazed joinery can completely transform the living experience in your home. Double glazing, which is part of the standard house recladding in auckland process, will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in winter. When replacing your joinery, you can consider changing the proportions for older style windows and doors that could be larger with lower sills. It can improve the appearance of your house from the outside and also increase the feeling of light and space inside. Consider the type of door in your main living space. Bifold and slider doors are available in many options. They can increase the feeling of space and improve indoor-outdoor flow.

4. Improve Flow And Open Up Living Spaces.

Renovations to the interior of your home that improve the flow from indoors to outdoors and open up living space can make a big difference in how you live with your family. Upgrade your flooring to completely transform your interior if your budget permits. The flooring trends are constantly changing, and they can be a great way to set the tone for your home. Ask your builder which products are currently available to meet your needs. Repainting your interior will brighten it and make it more modern.

5. Consider Adding Heat Pumps And Fire Places.

While the temperature in your newly insulated house will be significantly improved, this is the ideal time to add a heat pump or gas fireplace. This will provide you with a comfortable, warm home as well as an upgrade to your internal system that allows for the best temperature control.

6. Kitchens And Bathrooms – Improve Life’s Busy Space.

A well-designed kitchen is the hub of your home. Any upgrades or changes in the layout will improve the livability. Updates can include new splash backs, door faces, and bench tops. A complete replacement could also include a butler’s pantry, a large island, and a butler’s pantry. The external renovation can be the best time to update your kitchen.

As part of the reclad, you can also upgrade your bathroom. This may be necessary for some homes due to incorrect wastewater drainage or failed waterproofing. Others may simply want to modernize and update these areas that are heavily used. Many options are available to upgrade your bathroom that will suit any budget. The design and build team can help you with selecting products and planning the space so that it is easy and enjoyable.

7. Outdoor Living Areas.

While tradesmen are on-site, it’s the perfect time to improve outdoor living areas and add decks. It’s worth considering options such as Louvre roofing and outdoor shelter systems. If you’re planning to install a Louvretec later, plan the wiring for it when you reclad. If you are thinking of adding garden lighting, or even smaller details, such as a new outside faucet, do this while your construction team is on site.

8. Future Proof, Be Market Ready.

When selling your house, you never get another chance to make an impression. It’s important to consider future sale ability when planning a dream home. It is important to have a street appeal that will attract potential buyers and ensure you get the best price. Your design and construction team will also be able to discuss other factors with you. You can be confident that your home, newly reclad or renovated, will sell quickly if you plan ahead.

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