8 Budget-friendly Ways to Make Your House Look Amazing

Our homes should be a place where we feel safe, recharge, and get inspired. Sometimes, money is tight, and sometimes we need to be creative to make our dreams come true. Here are 8 budget-friendly ways to style your home.

Since I was a child, Dean has been my only income. He does a wonderful job, and I’m not going to lie. It can be costly to raise a family of five people in a city. There wasn’t enough money for us to make our home beautiful. We found ways to style it little by little because I love my home and its importance to me.

8 Budget-friendly Ways to Make Your House Look Amazing

These ideas do not need to be implemented immediately. You can take one or two of these ideas at a time. Although they might not appear like much at first, each can make a big impact. You will soon realize that your home is stylish!

Grocery Store Flowers

Dean was the only person I ever told to not buy me flowers for years. They were a waste of money for me. They died within a week, so why waste the money?

Then I realized that a small bouquet could be purchased at the grocery store for as low as $10 and would last for up to two weeks if I topped it up with water.

Curtains that are high and wide can be hung.

Curtains are essential no matter where you live. Curtains are a common house necessity, whether you need them for privacy, light-blocking, or just to look good.

If hung correctly, they can add style to your decor.

Hang your curtains wider than the window frame by hanging the curtain rod too close to it. You want your curtains to touch the floor gently when you hang them. Mount the curtain rod as high up as possible. It would be best if you also got a rod that extends at least six inches beyond the window frame.

Classic Neutral Paint

Paint is one of the most regrettable decorating mistakes. If you are willing to paint again after the trend has ended, choosing a trendy colour is okay. Your home will be more fashionable if you use a neutral background.

Area Rugs

Buying area rugs can indeed be costly. It doesn’t have it to be.

White shag area rugs were very popular a few years back. I wanted one but couldn’t afford the high price. So I searched for one that was cheaper.

I needed 8-foot by 10-foot rugs at minimum to fit the space correctly. Correctly, I mean that the rug had to cover all the furniture’s front legs. None of that floating-the-rug-in-the-middle-of-the-room-with-nothing-but-the-coffee-table-on-it nonsense! (Learn more on proper rug size in our Decorating Uncomplicated course.

I finally found one at Home Depot, for hundreds less than elsewhere. We used it until it was gone!

Be patient, shop around, and check out big box stores, online shops and Facebook Marketplace. Don’t buy a rug too small for your home!

Lampshades need to be updated.

Lampshades can be replaced if you don’t have the money or cannot replace them.

Perhaps curvy shades with fringe or piping were popular when your lamps were first purchased. You can easily update your lamps with newer shades in a drum shape.

You will see a big difference, I promise!

Vignettes instead of Tchotchkes Everywhere

A collection is fine. You can even have tchotchkes.

It’s not fashionable to overcrowd your home with stuff. It’s clutter.

Try creating vignettes instead.

Matching containers can be used for open storage.

You might not be able to afford the built-ins yet, so you are content with regular shelves. They don’t have to be ugly, however.

You might want to buy matching storage containers if you are buying storage containers. You can combine baskets, boxes and crates to create an elegant and cohesive open storage solution for any room.

Replace Hardware

We are slowly replacing the hardware in our house.

It was first the knobs and pulled for our kitchen cabinets. We also replaced the cheapo knobs and hinges on our exterior doors. We’ve also just updated all interior knobs, hinges and handles.

Although it may seem small, I find it very satisfying to see the worn and faded two-tone chrome hardware replaced by oil-rubbed bronze.

You can buy one of these items at a time. Doorknob and hinge manufacturers often carried the same product in big box stores for many years, so you shouldn’t have to worry about finding matches or other similar items over time.

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