7 Floor Tiles Designs with Images for Different Spaces

Tile design options are so numerous that anyone trying to decide on the best design will be easily lost. This is where you should go with a bias. Your home’s style and theme will influence your choice and preferences.

As discussed below, there are other factors that you should consider when choosing a space.

Garden & Outdoors

Natural colors and finishes are popular for outdoor and garden seating and pathways. The most popular outdoor tile designs are rustic, earthy colors. You don’t need to limit yourself to wood. You can also use stone, marble, or glazed ceramic tiles in unique designs.

It would be best if you only considered the area available, the attached greenery, and your safety requirements when making a choice. Glossy tiles can be slippery when it rains, even though they are good.

For large areas, it is best to use full-body and glazed vitrified tiles. These areas are best suited for full-body ceramic tiles or glazed porcelain tiles.

The tiles made of porcelain or vitrified are resistant to water and abrasion. Porcelain tiles require more care to install because the material is brittle.

Parking Floors


Parking is one area that needs to be durable and resistant to surface irritation. Dust is an unavoidable and common substance in India.

You can use vitrified tiles to cover the parking area. These tiles have a higher surface strength and can handle the occasional pressure from tires and tools.

You should also consider the grip factor of your surface if you have a large parking area with slopes. Johnson’s Endura Maxgrip tile is one solution you can use for this job. It will look great and be functional.

Living Room


Living-room-floor tile options can be endless. The best way to choose the right living room tiles for your house is to start with your original vision.

Consider the following factors when narrowing your options:


  • The theme of the overall design, such as classical, opulent, or modern
  • Natural light
  • Carpet Area


You can choose from the following choices for your living room floor tiles, depending on what you like:

Glazed Vitrified Tiles :

They are a close replica of natural stones but in more colors. Choose from a satin matte or high gloss finish to achieve the desired look in your living room. If you want to create an opulent or classical look, this design is the best option.

Vitrified Tiles :

Polished Vitrified Tiles are more durable and maintain their appearance for a longer period. You can recreate your living room with these floor tile designs. These tiles are great for office spaces.

Ceramic floor tiles :

Ceramic tiles, or glazed ceramic tiles, are the most versatile in terms of design. Digital printing gives you the option to choose between natural and artificial patterns for your living area.

The size of the floor tile is another factor to consider. Larger tiles enhance the look of luxury. You will need enough space to install them correctly.

Bathroom Floor Tile Design


Both the wall and floor tiles are useful for bathrooms. The floor and wall tiles of the bathroom are not only attractive, but they also increase safety, both for the building and its users.

Water is commonly found in Indian bathrooms, so you will need to waterproof the walls and floors of your bathroom. Floor tile designs will vary depending on the theme, the lighting, and the size of the bathroom.


  • Synergistic design
  • Higher grip
  • It is important to have a slope that drains water.


Bathrooms with large sizes allow for more tile options and simplicity. Tiles can range from marble white to plain grey. Smaller bathrooms require a more intelligent design to make them appear spacious and comfortable.

The size of your tile is another factor you should consider when choosing bathroom floor tiles. The size of the bathroom tile depends on the floor area and slope requirements.

If you don’t have a separate wet and dry area in your bathroom, you can stick with 30x30cm or 60x60cm tiles.

If the shower is not separate from the rest, you can consider porcelain tiles for the floor. They offer better resistance to water.

Kitchen Floors


In modern homes, kitchen floor tile designs are often the same as the flooring in the living room. This is due to the fact that the kitchen is usually attached as an extension to the living area.

You can choose a different floor style for your kitchen if it is separate from the rest of the house. It would not be easy to differentiate the floor style for an attached open kitchen. The kitchen can have the same matt finish tile design as the living room.

In a modern-day kitchen, you need only to be concerned about lighting and spillage.

Darker shades of floor tiles are ideal for homes with plenty of natural light in the kitchen and living room. Natural colors such as wood and stone finishes are the milder shades.

In smaller kitchens, where natural light may not be as prominent in the room, it is best to stick with warmer colors like white, light gray, yellow, etc.

Bedroom Floor


Personalization is the main difference between the bedroom and living room floors. The bedroom is your space, along with that of your partner. Children’s bedrooms should also be tailored to their preferences.

The bedroom floor can be anything you want it to be.

Even if you want to go all out, it’s possible. You can mix two styles or have a single seamless texture on the walls and floor. Carpets often complement bedroom floors.

You don’t want to block the view with a seamless floor like the one in the photo. You should also pay attention to the colors you choose in the bedroom. This is because you want it to have a relaxing atmosphere. The bedroom floor can be decorated with wood-like tiles that look natural. They add warmth and beauty.

The purpose of the bedroom is not to jump out of it but to make use of the bed. Colors like white, yellow, green, and blue are all natural colors. You can achieve the desired effect by using natural dyes.

Themes and Styles of Floor Tiles

Modern-designed tiles are the perfect choice for any area in or outside your home. They offer a unique combination of durability, quality, and aesthetics. Glazed vitrified tile designs range from marble and natural stones to digital art. They are the perfect choice for any bedroom design because of their high durability and superb finish.

You can choose between a gloss floor that reflects your furniture and movements or a matt satin floor for a more natural look. Both glazed ceramic tiles and vitrified floor tile options are available.

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