5 Ways Engineered Hardwood Flooring Boosts Your Home’s Value

Because of its many advantages, engineered hardwood flooring is preferred by many properties. This flooring is a solid, authentic wood top layer attached to a plywood base. It is very easy to install, as most types of this flooring use the click-fitting method. This hardwood version is compatible with underfloor heating.

Let’s say you don’t know much about engineered hardwood. You might be interested in learning more about engineered hardwood’s benefits and appearance. These are just a few of the many reasons that engineered hardwood is so popular. Some homeowners are skeptical about whether this type of hardwood could increase the value of their home.

Here’s a article for those who are unsure. Continue reading to learn more about how engineered hardwood flooring can increase your home’s value.

It can be customized to your liking
Engineered hardwood is available in various colors and finishes. There are many design options. It can also be used in combination with natural hardwood because of its many measurements. They come in a variety of plank widths ideal for narrow and wide spaces. You can install them in many different ways.

  • Nail down: The flooring material is blind-nailed to the tongue of a wooden floor. The staples and nails are not visible.
  • Glue down: This process involves either a moisture-curing epoxy or a polymer adhesive. The floor material is then attached to the subfloor.
  • Floating This is where the floating material must be cut or glued so that it does not loosen with time. This is often only possible if the existing floor material can be covered and attached to.

The wooden top layer can be refinished as it wears. To make it more attractive, it could be sanded and refined. Many engineered hardwoods come in various colors and shades that can be matched to the interior design.

It’s Wood-Based

Homes with wooden floors are more appraised in many property assessments. This is because homeowners are more likely to choose houses with wooden floors. Because of the scarcity of old timber, engineered hardwood has a higher resale price. To increase its value, you must ensure that the flooring is installed to the highest quality standards. You should also ensure no gaps or loose attachments on the floors.

It matches property upgrades

Engineered hardwood can be installed in any room of your house. It can be used in the kitchen to match the wooden cabinets and countertops. They could be used in porches and balconies to create a classic feel, as they can match wooden balusters. Engineered hardwood can also make wooden panels or add floorboards to your floor.

It Looks Like Solid Hardwood But Costs Less

Because the top layer of wood is used, it looks like hardwood. Many woodworkers can also make the hardwood look more authentic by modifying it. Many engineered hardwoods are cheaper than the real thing.

Many property assessments don’t notice the difference once the machine is installed. Some process types have thicker layers than others, making them very similar to the original. You could give it a woody look by lacquering it.

It is resistant to temperature and humidity changes

This flooring material has additional qualities due to its resistance to humidity and temperature fluctuations. It can increase the insulation properties of a space or building. Its inability to react to changes is a benefit that helps it retain its strength and stability.

Wrapping up

The floor dominates interior design. The floor is the base of all ideas you put into a room or throughout your home. It is important to choose the right flooring material. You can choose between engineered or solid hardwood but either one could still be an option to provide an elegant and affordable floor.

You might consider using processed hardwood if you want to replace or install new floors. These points could help you get a closer look at this flooring material. You can see the strengths and limitations of engineered hardwood.

You can find out more information about the benefits of sanding and polishing floorboards. You can also look at reviews about a specific hardwood type. Consider the floor’s length and width. You could also consider the value that it would add to your home.


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