5 Tips For Choosing The Right Kitchen Slab

Kitchens are often the most versatile workshops in any environment, whether it is residential or commercial. The home kitchen is difficult to design as it must be both functional and safe while still maintaining a stylish air.

It would be best if you made the most of your spacious kitchen to get the best quality without being too crowded. The benchtop or countertop is the most frequently used surface in the entire kitchen.

It is, therefore, important to choose the right countertop slab. It should be durable, have high scratch resistance, and enhance your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Kitchen Slab Tile Design

The kitchen countertops not only serve a practical purpose but also give the surrounding area a unique look. The countertop slab separates your home’s kitchen from other rooms.

The countertop is used almost constantly, so choosing a durable, high-quality material is important. Natural stones such as marble slabs and granite slabs are popular for kitchen countertops.

Johnson Porselano Grandeur consists of a series of glazed, vitrified slabs. These slabs come in 240x80cm with a 15mm thickness, perfect for any modern kitchen counter. The slab can be used for the main countertop and the island countertop.

The slab is made of pre-polished, vitrified tiles. The tile is virtually waterproof and has a heavy-duty surface. You can relax about the tile after installation, as it will last for many years.

Choose from a variety of themes and surface finishes

You can choose from a variety of kitchen slab designs, whether you want a white countertop with a modern touch or a more soothing one.

1. Dark Appeal

Black countertops are a classic, timeless color. Black is an evergreen and timeless color that goes with any color scheme. Black high-gloss countertops with white walls, cabinets, and floors are the height of modern elegance.

2. White Ecstasy

You will feel instantly at ease with white countertops. Natural white stones are difficult to maintain because of spills. Manufactured stone slabs will not stain.

With technological advances, white countertops are no longer a nightmare. They are easy to maintain and stain-resistant due to their low porosity.

3. Natural Stone

You might be looking for something more interesting than plain white, black, or other colors of tiles. The shiny, black, galaxy-like, or even blue surface reflects the light beautifully, almost replicating the look of natural stone.

Use it to create a serene environment by combining it with simple floors, walls, and cabinets.

4. Natural Colour & Materials

Urban kitchens with elements of nature are increasingly popular. The kitchen slab comes in a variety of natural colors.

Kitchen slab tiles can be finished in a variety of materials, such as concrete, natural stone, or metal sheets.

H&R Johnson’s’ Grandeur tiles come in six different finishes and a variety of colors. Choose from high gloss, matte, polished, rocker, and rustic tile finishes.

Durability and Chemical Resistance

Durability is the most important factor to consider when choosing kitchen countertops. The best materials are what you want for your kitchen. Kitchen slabs should provide the following:


  • High scratch resistance
  • Resistant to household chemicals, spills, and stains


The kitchen is a chemical cauldron. The resistance to mild household chemicals is an important quality to consider when choosing materials for your kitchen countertops. The durability of the surface is crucial because Indian kitchens are faced with unique challenges, such as heavy machinery or grinding.

The slabs of porcelain countertops are very durable and cost-effective. It is the only countertop that has some DIY potential. A cutting board should be used not to protect tile from heat or knives but rather to protect your blades.

Maintenance and cleaning

All cooking is done in the kitchen. It would be best if you also considered the health effects of your kitchen furniture. The interior furnishings, such as proper ventilation, should enhance your experience.

Large slab tiles are easy to clean and maintain.

To remove residue and grease from the porcelain surface, wipe it down with a damp cotton cloth and mild detergent. Avoid harsh products that contain acid or alkali, as well as steel wool or scouring pads.

H&R Johnson’s kitchen slab tiles have non-toxic, scratch-resistant surfaces. You can avoid mildew and bacteria on the slab surface despite frequent use.

Hygiene & Safety


Commercial kitchens are equipped with stainless steel countertops. It’s not by accident. Commercial kitchens follow strict standards of hygiene and food safety. Due to this, stainless steel counters are some of the most hygienic surfaces. They’re also resistant to heat, water, and stains. This elegant, non-porous surface is resistant to germs due to its non-porosity.

Porcelain kitchen countertops offer the same durability and hygienic properties as stainless steel but in a more attractive design. Select a material that is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and resistant to bacteria.

Architects and designers can help you determine the best placement for robust materials. A simple, healthy lifestyle is easier to achieve with well-designed kitchen counters.

Design Your Kitchen Slabs to Fit Any Theme

There are many different designs of porcelain kitchen slab tiles to match any theme in a modern home. H&R Johnson’s’ Grandeur collection of large porcelain tiles is perfect for a classic kitchen or a unique piece.

These slabs are the best because you can get everything you want from porcelain, just as you would with a natural stone such as marble or granite. Porcelain is a great alternative to natural stone for home use.

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