5 Signs You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

In the vast world that includes home repair stores Google as well as YouTube, there’s nothing an experienced DIYer won’t be able to fix in the home. But there’s one place where even the most skilled weekend warriors, handymen from the homefront and women can take time off in their electrical work.

A minor error while working with electricity could cause serious injuries with potential for death. When it comes to emergency electrical repairs this is particularly true the moment a person experiences an increase in pressure to try a DIY solution in a hurry rather than making a call to an expert.

It is nevertheless recommended to contact an emergency electrician immediately in the event of any electrical problems. To make it easier for you to do this, here are five ways to address to the query “when to call an emergency electrician”:

Five Signs You Should Call an Emergency Electrician

Sign 1: Humming and buzzing coming from the breaker box

If you hear a loud buzzing or humming from the breaker box contact an Auckland electrician right away! The noises indicate that a breaker has a poor wiring, or isn’t able to turn off. It’s a risky situation and could expose your home to many electrical problems.

Sign 2: The second sign is a burning odor emanating through the breaker box or any other outlets

There could be an unpleasant burning smell emanating out of an outlet or breaker box if it’s overheated. Sometimes, you’ll observe that the outlet displays burned signs or discoloration. In this case it is recommended to turn off your outlet. disconnect any electrical appliances and contact Wisdom Electrical Limited immediately.

Sign 3: Unusual sparking coming from electrical outlets

When you connect the appliance to an electrical outlet, you could get a slight spark, which is typical. However, if the electrical outlet is overloading or the wiring was not properly installed or is defective the outlets could generate a peculiar spark. For instance:

White or yellow-colored sparks instead of blue

The flash lasts for over an instant before dissolving.

Sparks that are massive and clearly visible when they pop from the plug

Sign 4: Wires in water

Contact an 24 hour electrician in Auckland as soon as you see wires that are in water, as it could be very dangerous! The risk of electrocution or fire is high in the event that anyone or something comes in contact with water, or even an object that is in the water.

Sign 5: Wires that are exposed

If you see exposed wires or wires inside a home immediately contact the emergency electrician. Wires exposed to the elements often pose the possibility of electrocution or fire.

Licensed Emergency Electricians In Auckland

It isn’t easy to determine when you should contact an emergency electrician. We know that you might be reluctant to call a number that is unnecessary in the event of an emergency, but when it is about electricity or power, it’s better to be secure rather than to be sorry.


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