It takes a holistic approach to lift a space. Small details like wall mirrors and painted cabinets are crucial for a more elegant look. This is true for your car, too. The 2023 INFINITI X60 Crossover SUV is a masterpiece of design and engineering. It features thoughtful details such as a large moonroof and a Smart RearView mirror*. These are some of the most striking features of the vehicle’s exterior design. Although they may seem insignificant in the grand scheme, they can make a lasting impression on your home.

Mirror, Mirror

Installing a Mirror is one design strategy that can trick the eye into believing a room is more significant and brighter. A large mirror or floor placed at eye level creates an illusion of more space. If it is directly in front of a window or light fixture, the light bounces around to brighten the room. Infiniti QX60’s Smart RearView Mirror* achieves a similar effect. A broader view increases visibility on the road. Its tech-savvy design is the key to its genius. An LCD screen is housed within the traditional mirror structure. It connects to the tiny camera behind the rear liftgate clasp in the back of your car. The LCD screen can be activated by a switch and used as a replacement for the traditional mirror. It will provide a clear view of what is behind you. Even at night, the adjustable screen can reduce glare.


Detailing your furniture and fabrics with detailed stitching adds to the quality of excellent tailoring. A sofa’s tufted finish, piped edges, or nailhead trim can all be used to show intention. Infiniti QX60’s leather-appointed seating speaks to a sense of bespoke craftsmanship. The diamond quilted design is accented with crosshatch stitches and contrasting piping lining at the edges. For a sense of luxury surrounded, the treatment extends to the dashboard.

Window of Opportunity

Skylights are more than just windows. They open up space to the natural world in a unique way. It allows light to flood in, especially if you live north. The INFINITI QX60 moonroof is almost identical. Panorama moonroofs feature power open/close/tilt and a sunshade that extends into the second row. This connection makes driving more exciting–both during the day and at night.

Strokes of genius

Paint can transform any space. A lighter color can brighten dark rooms; a darker shade can give the area a cozy feeling; contrast colors can highlight architectural details such as millwork or molding. A fresh coat of paint can transform your kitchen into a shiny, new space. Paint can bring together many elements. The 2023 INFINITI ZX60’s exterior is just as important as its interior. The all-black roof is the first INFINITI model with two-tone styling. It provides a striking contrast against the body’s color. Please pay attention to the lower accents, such as the contrasting wheel and front, which tie together.

Storage Potential

Clearing clutter makes the room look more spacious and calms the soul. You can streamline a space by investing in closed-door shelving or equipping underserved areas using bins– underneath the bed and on top of the wardrobe. Like your home, your car can become a magnet for chaos. Hidden storage like the INFINITI QX60 Console Net, designed to protect a purse, tablet, or phone, can be a lifesaver. You can also add clever compartments like the console box between the second row and the cargo, allowing additional storage without taking up too much space.

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