30 ways to make your home more awesome

Indoor chair swings are available.

Indoor swings have been popping up everywhere on Instagram lately. The Bohemian-style furniture, such as this one (from Anthropologie), is an adult’s way to feel like a child again in their own home. It’s stylish and trendy, but it’s still very practical. There is no better place than your home to read on Sunday afternoons. To increase your home’s potential, make sure you don’t commit any of these 30 Things Your Home is Hopelessly Outdated

Make an outdoor fountain.

A fountain is one of the best ways to give your yard or patio a more Zen feel. A fountain is a great way to make your backyard or patio feel more peaceful. You can choose from many different styles that will match your existing decor.

Go green. (Really green.)

Bringing nature indoors is great for the environment and your health. The EPA estimates that you spend 90% of your time inside your home. NASA researchers found that houseplants can reduce the number of air toxins in your home in 24 hours. According to a study published by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, they also have a positive effect on stress levels and mood. You don’t have to stop growing greenery and keep it all around your home, on your shelves or plant stands.

You can upgrade your bedding.

Why are people so reluctant to spend money on their beds? It’s a place you spend eight hours a day in, but it’s so much easier to justify spending more on a car than a mattress. Spend a portion of your next paycheck on your bed. Get a super-comfortable mattress and sheets. Add fluffy pillows to your bedding. Choose a comfortable comforter. You feel better when you sleep well. According to the NIH, Zs can positively impact everything, from productivity and memory to physical and mental health.

Change your flatware.

How many years have you kept those chipped dishes in the cabinet? It might be time for them to go. You can make your meals more interesting by choosing flatware that you love to use, such as a set of pastel-coloured matte plates or unique handmade ceramics from Etsy.

Change your silverware.

Your flatware maybe even elder if it is dishware. You might consider replacing the dishware you have been using since college with something you will enjoy eating with. This is a great way to make each night special.

Buy a bookshelf.

You are seriously missing out if your living room does not have a bookshelf. It’s a great way to organize all the books you have scattered around your home, and it also allows you to be creative and show more of who you are. It can be used to display items that you’ve picked up on the road or special mementos.

Turn your TV into art.

Are you looking for a new TV model? A TV that serves a different purpose than watching your favourite shows is a great way to enhance your home. Samsung’s Frame TV (from $2,799) makes your home feel like a gallery. It features a beautiful picture frame that allows you to display any piece of art. See the above examples. These frames are TVs. The future is here, officially.

Mirrors, mirrors, up the wall

Mirrors are a great way to brighten up your home and allow you to look around more. They reflect light around the room, making it feel larger and more spacious if placed in strategic locations.

Rethink your spice rack.

Although it may seem small compared to all things home-related in general, a spice rack plays an important role in your daily life. It adds flavour to your meals and provides you with healthy foods. Don’t keep everything in one place. Rethink your spice rack. Fill each container with a set of glass jars. Use a labeller to make it uniform. To highlight the clutter, arrange the jars on a revolving wooden spice shelf ($22) and a stadium-style step shelf ($19). Awesomeness-increasing tactics don’t have to be big to make an impact.

Make a splash with wall art that is unique.

You don’t have to buy a new TV to add art to your wall. You can find unique pieces that will enhance what you have already in your home. Don’t be afraid of going bold and big. You don’t have to spend a lot on wall decor. Even Target offers great (and very affordable!) options. Options.

Design a coffee area.

The days of boring coffee are long gone. Coffee nooks have become a fad. This gives people an excuse to focus on their favourite thing: caffeine. Give your kitchen a makeover. You can set out your favourite mugs, organize your coffee beans and K-cups, and feel like a hip barista making a custom brew every morning before you go to work.

Accent pillows are available.

It may not seem like spending money on accent pillows would make a big difference in your home. But, it is possible. Your home will look brighter and more cheerful with the new decor. A pop of colour can make your sofa feel new again. It’s a true home miracle.

Set up a movie theatre.

You don’t have to use up all your basement space. Why not make it your movie theatre? To transform your Netflix binges into something better, all you need is a popcorn maker and some comfy chairs. A quality projector (60 USD) is now available for a fraction of the price of their old counterparts, making it possible to create a space that will become your favourite place in your home.

Start a garden.

To start growing your food, you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of space. You don’t need a lot of space to grow your favourite foods, so make sure you have enough. Fresh vegetables and herbs can make your meals more delicious. It’s farm to table. It’s also a stress-reducing hobby that you will enjoy more than you realize. Start with the 40 Heart Foods to Eat After 40 for ideas.

Accent walls are a powerful tool.

You don’t have to do a lot to transform your home. Grab some paint and choose a wall. You don’t have to redecorate an entire room. A simple pop of colour can give your space a new look. Barley is a great choice. You won’t be disappointed.

Fresh-cut flowers are available.

Nothing can boost your mood like the smell of fresh-cut flowers placed on your counter. They do, however, incite positive emotions, according to a study published in Evolutionary Psychology. You can pick them up in your garden or cut some from the road. This simple task will brighten your whole house.

Your bathroom can be transformed into a spa.

To get the best relaxation treatment, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a spa trip. You can make your bathroom a spa day by investing in plants and a bamboo bath tray to store your wine and entertainment, as well as skin-soothing bubbles and bath bombs. This is the ultimate way to relax.

Add a touch of the tropics to your home.

You don’t have to create a sandbox inside your living room. Go big with your greenery. You can make your home feel like you are on vacation by investing in large cactus plants, palms, or other tropical plants. You don’t need to travel to Mexico if you already have all the necessary plants right outside your door.

You can also add rattan.

Rattan is a traditional material used to make furniture. But it is just starting to be trendy again. Add some statement pieces to give your home a boho feel. The light-coloured wood will brighten up your space and make it feel larger.

Utilize crystals.

The crystals were a big trend in 2018, and almost everyone is interested. Don’t be afraid to keep your crystals around for their healing properties. They are not only full of energy but also look great and instantly add a natural, earthy touch to your home. They’ll brighten up any room, no matter if you put them on the coffee table or the shelf.

Add some Gold.

There’s a reason why gold accents are being used around homes. It adds brightness to your home and, similar to mirrors, reflects sunlight. You can easily incorporate it into your decor by choosing gold-coloured picture frames and a coffee table with golden leg or gold lamps.

Paint your front door.

Accent walls are great, but what about accent doors? Your home will be the most attractive by painting it a bold colour. It doesn’t matter if it’s yellow or a stunning emerald; people will be excited to see it. They may even give you a friendly greeting if you’re feeling down after a long day at work. It happens.

Install a skylight.

Skylights are not only a great way of saving energy, but they also help to reduce electricity consumption. Skylights can also brighten your space beyond what windows are capable of. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, natural light can make a huge difference in your quality of life. It can help you feel more awake and alert, which will improve everything.

Purchase a diffuser.

It’s hard to imagine living in a home that smells like a spa. A diffuser, such as this option (90 USD) by Saje Wellness will transform your home. It infuses your home with any soothing essential oil you desire, from lavender to eucalyptus. You won’t want to leave your home.

Replace your cabinet knobs.

You don’t have to replace all your cabinets to make your home look better. Instead, consider smaller. You can make your space look a lot more modern by changing out the knobs on your cabinets.

Accent furniture is available.

Yes, accent furniture isn’t for sitting or even using at all. You can, however, if you want. It is an easy way to make your home look better. To complete a room’s look, add an eye-catching bench or chair to make it stand out.

Install a backsplash.

A backsplash for your kitchen does not have to be expensive. It takes only a short trip to Home Depot. You can buy tile for a fraction of the cost and give your space a makeover that will feel like you’ve just moved in.

Get a canopy bed.

Do you remember when you were young and wanted a bunk bed every night? Canopy beds are the adult version. Although you are still elevated from the ground, the canopy bed instantly transforms the atmosphere in your room and makes you feel like you’re at the top of a luxury hotel. Choose LIGHTWOOD versions over the darker metal options to make your bedroom feel larger and more open.

A hot tub is a great option.

I don’t think there is anything more to say. Hot tubs are not something that everyone can do. Yes, this luxury is much easier and more affordable. Imagine all the nights spent in the hot 100-degree water, stargazing. Magical.

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